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All Pro Wrestling
Worldwide Internet Title

(as of 2013/11/08)

Michael Modest99/02/27Pinole, CA
Defeats Tony Jones in the APW Cup Tournament final to become the first champion.
Christopher Daniels00/01/01Lompoc, CA
Vacant in 00.
Donovan Morgan00/04/15Livingston, CA
Defeats Boyce LeGrande in a tournament final; stripped on 00/10/28 for also holding Universal Heavyweight Title.
Vinny Massaro00/10/28Galt, CA
Defeats Christopher Daniels in a one-night tournament.
Donovan Morgan [2]01/05/19King City, CA
Vacant in 01.
Jardi Frantz02/03/15Hayward, CA
Won Battle Royal to determine a new champion.
Super Dragon02/05/10Hayward, CA
Bryan Danielson (Daniel Bryan)02/06/16Los Angeles, CA
Stripped on 02/12/27 due to injury.
Super Dragon [2]02/12/27Hayward, CA
Defeats Bobby Quance and Jardi Frantz in a triple threat 60-minute Iron Man Match.
James Choi03/02/22Hayward, CA
Defeats Excalibur, subbing for Dragon.
B-Boy03/08/16Newhall, CA
J.J. Perez04/03/13Hayward, CA
Puma04/12/04Hayward, CA
J.J. Perez [2]05/07/09Hayward, CA
Mr. Prime Time06/09/02Hayward, CA
Psicosis07/03/24Bakersfield, CA
Mr. Prime Time [2]07/06/23Bakersfield, CA
Adam Thornstowe07/08/11Hayward, CA
Tito Aquino07/10/13Hayward, CA
Defeats Thornstowe, Mr. Prime Time, and Oliver John in a 4-way match.
Dana Lee07/10/13Hayward, CA
Brian Cage08/02/26Hayward, CA
Stripped on 08/04/26 for not being able to wrestle due to a family emergency.
Derek Sanders08/06/16Hayward, CA
Derek Sanders Defeats Nate Rulez in a tournament final.
Jeckles the Jester08/11/01Hayward, CA
Timothy Thatcher 09/01/03 Hayward, CA
Mr. Wrestling #4 defeats Thatcher on 09/10/24, but the decision is later overturned.
Dave Dutra 10/01/16Hayward, CA
Mr. Wrestling #4 10/08/14 Hayward, CA
Matt Carlos 10/10/16 Hayward, CA
Rik Luxury 11/05/06 Hayward, CA
Colt Cabana 11/10/15 Hayward, CA
Rik Luxury [2] 12/02/18 Hayward, CA
Will Rood 12/04/14 Hayward, CA
Rik Luxury [3] 12/05/05 Hayward, CA
Perry Von Vicious 12/08/11 Hayward, CA
Damien Grundy defeats Luxury in behalf of Von Vicious.
Rik Luxury [4] 12/10/13 Hayward, CA
Will Rood [2] 12/11/03 Hayward, CA
Dave Dutra [2] 13/04/15 Hayward, CA
Stripped on 13/07/04 when Dutra cannot make a scheduled defense.
Drake Younger 13/07/06 Hayward, CA
Defeats Timothy Thatcher.
Billy Blade 13/11/02 Hayward, CA
Jeckles 13/11/08 Hayward, CA
Defeats Blade, Drake Younger, and Vinny Massaro in 4-way match.

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