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All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title ( 1996/11 - 2008 )
APW/Vendatta Pro Unified Tag Team Title ( 2011/12 - 2014/01 )
All Pro Wrestling Tag Team Title ( 2014/01 -   )

(as of 2017/11/10)

Michael Modest & Steve Rizzono1996/11/20Hayward, CA
Defeat Frank Dalton & Joe Applebaumer in 8-team tournament final to become the first champions.
Robert Thompson and Donovan Morgan1997/01/25Hayward, CA
Tony Jones & Jay Smooth1997/08/01
Vice Grimes & Dic Grimes1997/09/19Hayward, CA
Vacant on 97/11/20 when Grimes is suspended.
Robert Thompson & Chris Cole1997/11/22Hayward, CA
Defeat Michael Modest & Donovan Morgan in tournament final.
Tony Jones & Steve Rizzono1997/12/06Hayward, CA
Vacant on 98/01/17 when Rizzono is fired.
Michael Modest & Tony Jones1998/02/21Hayward, CA
Defeat Frank Murdoch & Jay Smooth.
Frank Murdoch & Boom-Boom Commini1998/03/15Pinole, CA
Vacant on 98/03/30 when Commini is unable to defend.
Frank Murdoch & Vic Murdoch (Vic Grimes)1998/03/30Pacifica, CA
Defeat Tony Jones & Ed Moretti to win the vacant titles; vacant on 98/06/30 for failure to defend the titles within the two month.
Westside Playaz: Boyce LeGrand & Robert Thompson2000/05/06Pacifica, CA
Vacant in 01/03 when Playaz leave the promotion.
Original Westside Playaz: Robert Thompson & Tony Jones2001/04/14Vallejo, CA
Defeat the Ballard Brothers at the Only in California card to win the vacant title.
Boyce LeGrand & Mark Smith2001/06/09Vallejo, CA
Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard2001/07/28Vallejo, CA
Original Westside Playaz [2]2001/09/29Vallejo, CA
Defeat The Ballard Brothers and Samoa Joe & Keiji Sakoda in a 3-way match; vacant immediately after the match when the team breaks up.
Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard [2]2002/03/18King City, CA
Defeat Samoa Joe & Robert Thompson in a tournament final; vacant in 04.
Billy Blade & Kaden2004/12/04Hayward, CA
Defeats Dana Lee & Lil Cholo.
Venis DeMarco & Chris Colioni2005/08/20Hayward, CA
Defeat Billy Blade & Peyton, Kyu Katsuki & The Great Tenshi, and Tiffany & Melissa in a 4-way elimination match.
All Pro Rangers: Kyu Ketsuki & Kid Omega2005/10/22Bakersfield, CA
The Mafia [2]2005/12/03Hayward, CA
Defeat the All Pro Rangers and Team Australia in a 3-way match.
Derek Sanders & Payton2006/01/28Hayward, CA
Sanders teams with All Pro Rangers to defeat Vennia DeMarco, Chris Colioni, & Kafu in a 6-man tag team match with the man who gained the pinfall gaining control of the title; Sanders gets the pinfall and selects Payton, a female manager, as his partner; vacate on 06/02/11.
Nathan Rulez & A.J. Kirsch2006/02/11Hayward, CA
Win a tag team battle royal, last eliminating The All Pro Rangers.
Dana Lee & Tito Aquino2007/06/02Hayward, CA
Defeat Rulez & Kirsch.
Bloodline: Gangrel & Billy Blade2007/08/11Hayward, CA
Border Patrol: Derek Sanders & Nathan Rulez2008/01/05Hayward, CA

Dos Perfectos: Diego Hernandez & Jesse Jimenez 2011/12/14
Have defeated the Pinoy Boyz: Aaron Solo & Kimo Kanaloa on 11/07/16 in Atascadero, CA to become the first Vendetta Pro champions; recognized as APW/VPW "Unified" Tag Team champions on 11/12/14.
SU/KA: Sunami & Kadin Anthony 2012/05/11 Hayward, CA
Suburban Commandos: D-Unit & T-Rent 2013/01/05 Hayward, CA
Defeat SU/KA and Shane Ballard & Shannon Bllard in 3-way match.
Pink Mink Inc.: Matt Carlos & Rik Luxury 2013/04/13 Hayward, CA
Defeat SU/KA and Shane Ballard & Shannon Bllard in 3-way match.
Boyce LeGrande & Mustafa Saed 2013/10/26 Hayward, CA
Vendetta Pro drops recognition in 14/01; LeGrande & Saed continue to be recognized by APW.
Classic Connection: Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro 2014/03/15 Daly City, CA
Idris Jackson & Sione Finau 2014/12/19 Daly City, CA
Defeat the Classic Connection, Jeckles The Jester & Jinxx, and Julio Pedroza & Vinny Massaro in 4-way match.
Classic Connection [2] 2015/03/13 Daly City, CA
Reno SCUM: Adam Thornstowe & Luster the Legend 2015/12/18 Daly City, CA
Lion Power: Marcus Lewis & Will Hobbs 2016/11/11 Pacifica, CA
Classic Connection [3] 2017/03/25 Daly City, GA
Lion Power [2] 2017/05/06 San Francisco, CA
Defeat Classic Connection & Brian Zane in handicap match.
Black Armada: Papo Esco & Synn 2017/07/07 Daly City, CA
Lion Power [3] 2017/11/10 San Francisco, CA
Defeat Black Armada, Classic Connection: Buddy Royal & Levi Shapiro, and Bad Boys Personified: Boyce LeGrande & Rik Luxury in 4-way match.