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All Pro Wrestling
Universal Heavyweight Title

(as of 2013/09/06)

Robert Thompson96/10/12Modesto, CA
Defeats Michael Modest in tournament final to become the first champion.
Manny Fernandez97/03/08Cupertino, CA
Vacates on 97/06/07 upon leaving the promotion.
Michael Modest97/07/04Hayward, CA
Defeats Donovan Morgan in tournament final.
Donovan Morgan97/09/05Hayward, CA
Michael Modest [2]98/01/03Hayward, CA
Robert Thompson [2]98/01/30San Jose, CA
Maxx Justice98/03/27San Jose, CA
Vic Grimes98/05/01Hayward, CA
Vacates on 98/05/09 upon leaving the promotion for WWF.
Maxx Justice [2]98/05/16Pinole, CA
Defeats Sam Fatu to win the vacant title.
Boom Boom Comini98/10/17Sacramento, CA
Michael Modest [3]98/10/30Hayward, CA
Maxx Justice [3]99/03/12San Jose, CA
Boyce LeGrande99/05/01Pinole, CA
Maxx Justice [4]99/05/21Hayward, CA
Vinny Massaro99/05/22San Jose, CA
Stripped due to outside interference from unlicensed referees
Maxx Justice [5]99/07/10San Jose, CA
Wins a 4-way match against Vinny Massaro, Michael Modest, and Boyce LeGrande
Shane Dynasty99/09/25Lompoc, CA
Michael Modest [4]99/10/09Pacifica, CA
Tony Jones00/01/15Healdsburg, CA
Ma'och00/03/11San Leandro, CA
Frank Murdoch00/04/15Livingston, CA
The Honky Tonk Man00/08/26Antioch, CA
Ed Morretti00/10/07San Francisco, CA
Awarded when Honky Tonk Man no-shows.
Donovan Morgan [2]00/10/07San Francisco, CA
Vic Capri01/04/28Chicago, IL
Michael Modest [5]01/06/02Pacifica, CA
Vacant in 02.
Robert Thompson [3]02/05/11Pacifica, CA
Defeats Bryan Danielson in the tournament final.
Larry Blackwell02/10/25Hayward, CA
Pins Thompson in a "Double Jeopardy" tag team match, teaming with Kafu against Thompson & Jardi Frantz.
Robert Thompson [4]02/12/06Hayward, CA
Bobby Quance02/12/27Hayward, CA
Stripped in 03.
James Watkins #03/10/23
Wins when Robert Thompson lays down for Watkins to pin him; stripped immediately.
James Watkins04/03/14Hayward, CA
Wins "Garage Rumble".
Nate Rulez04/10/30Hayward, CA
Kafu05/06/11Hayward, CA
Derek Sanders05/12/03Hayward, CA
Dana Lee06/07/29Hayward, CA
Stripped immediately after the match due to his actions in the APW Wrestling School.
Derek Sanders [2]06/08/12Hayward, CA
Defeats The Great Tenshi in tournament final.
Dana Lee [2]06/09/02Hayward, CA
Kafu [2]06/10/14Hayward, CA
Oliver John07/03/24Bakersfield, CA
Adam Thornstowe07/09/22Hayward, CA
Mr. Prime Time07/10/13Hayward, CA
Defeats Thornstowe and Oliver John in a 3-way match.
Oliver John [2]08/06/14Hayward, CA
Dylan Drake08/12/06Hayward, CA
Malachi09/11/07Hayward, CA
Jeckles the Jester 10/05/08 Hayward, CA
Derek Sanders [3] 10/07/10 Santa Rosa, CA
Dylan Drake [2] 10/12/04 Hayward, CA
Jeckles [2] 11/07/16 Hayward, CA
Timothy Thatcher 11/09/03 Hayward, CA
Vacant on 11/10/15 when Thatcher is unable to complete in a scheduled defense.
Jeckles [3] 11/10/15 Hayward, CA
Defeats Gangrel.
Jody Kristofferson 12/01/14 Hayward, CA
Immediately forfeits the title right after winning it due to his development deal with WWE.
Timothy Thatcher [2] 12/02/18 Hayward, CA
Wins a 4-way elimination match against A.J. Kirsch, Dylan Drake, and Jeckles.z
Dylan Drake 12/11/03 Hayward, CA
J.R. Kratos # 13/01/05 Hayward, CA
Dylan Drake # 13/02/02 Hayward, CA
Returned to Drake due to a "mistake by the referee during the January match".
Adam Thornstowe 13/04/13 Hayward, CA
Defeats Drake and Timothy Thatcher in 3-way match.

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