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Last updated on 2014/06/29

California Women's Title

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Linda Carroll1966
Defeats Judy Grable in tournament final to become first champion
Judy Grable 1966/01/09 Los Angeles, CA
Maria Deleon 1966/03/18<
Lita Marez 1966/12<
Mae Young 1966/12/22 Bakersfield, CA
Still champion as of 67/01/02.
Mae Weston 1967/01<
Betty Niccoli 1968/05/18<
Vivian Vachon 1971/02/26Los Angeles, CA
Betty Niccoli [2] 1973<  
Sandy Parker 1973  
Barbi Dahl 1974  
Lola Gonzales 1982/05<  
Sonya Sanchez 1982/09/05<  
Golden Fox 1982/11/19 Los Angeles, CA
Sonya Sanchez [2] 1982/12/26<  
Possibly on 82/11/28 in San Bernardino, CA; Los Angeles territory closes on 82/12/26.

Debbie the Killer Tomato 1985/06/29 Los Angeles, CA
Defeats Charlie the Golden Cat to be recognized by the NWA (JCP).

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