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Impact Zone Wrestling
Western States Heavyweight Title

Jack Durango2004/04/01Scottsdale, AZ
Defeats Lawrence Tyler a 3-match series to become the first champion; John Williams may defeat Durango for the title on 04/06/08 in Tempe, AZ.
Lawrence Tyler2004/07/20Tempe, AZ
Defeats Durango and Johnny Love in a 3-way match.
Peter Goodman2004/09/14Tempe, AZ
GQ Gallo2004/11/23Tempe, AZ
Lil Nate2005/02/01Tempe, AZ
Sheik Samir Hussein2005/08/02Tempe, AZ
Mr. Showtyme2005/11/22Tempe, AZ
Lil Nate [2]2006/02/14Tempe, AZ
Mr. Showtyme [2]2006/02/14Tempe, AZ
Lucha Reigns2006/04/26Tempe, AZ
Peter Goodman [2]2006/08/15Tempe, AZ
Lil Nate [3]2007/01/16Tempe, AZ
Unified with IZW Heavyweight Title.

* See IZW Heavyweight Title.

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