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Impact Zone Wrestling
Tag Team Title

Ballard Brothers: Shane Ballard & Shannon Ballard2002/07/17Tempe, AZ
Defeat Navajo Warrior & G.Q. Gallo to become the first champions.
Hardcore Kid & Hollywood 2003/02<
Ballard Brothers [2]2003/02/05
Defeat Hollywood in a handicap match when Hardcore Kid no-shows.
Break-A-Heart Nation: G.Q. Gallo & Hawaiian Lion2003
Team Strong-Style: Chris Kole & Jack Bull2004/02/03Tempe, AZ
Vacant on 04/08/31 after Bull wins the IZW Heavyweight Title.
Native Warriors: John Williams & Navajo Warrior2004/08/31Tempe, AZ
Defeat Mike Knox & Derrick Neikirk; vacant on 05/01/04 after Knox & Neikirk defeat Warrior & The Crock, subbing for Williams, in a title match,; Crock protests, saying he is not a sanctioned champion so the match is null and void and the title should be vacated.
Team Elite: Derrick Neikirk & Mike Nox2005/01/18Tempe, AZ
Defeat John Williams & Navajo Warrior.
Team UPW: Antonio Mestre & Peter Goodman2005/03/15Tempe, AZ
Mr. Showtyme & Payed Daily2005/07/05Tempe, AZ
Flood & Mike James2005/08/15Tempe, AZ
Dave Taylor & Ryan Lynch2005/12/20Tempe, AZ
Vacant in 06.
Sheik Got Paid: Payed Daily & Sheik Samir Hussein2006/02/28Tempe, AZ
Defeat Shannon Ballard & Moose and Morgan & Erica D'Erico in the 3-way final of a Tag Team Tiki Tournament.
Mucha Lucha: Lucha Reigns & Mucha Reigns2006/10/10Tempe, AZ
Defeat Payed Daily in a handicap match when Hussein no-shows; vacate on 06/10/24.
Jay Garland & Lawrence Tyler2006/11/21Tempe, AZ
Win a 5-team invitational battle royal.
Bump-N-Grind: Erica D'Erico & Morgan2007/02/27Tempe, AZ
Mucha Lucha [2] 2007/06/19Tempe, AZ
Native Blood: G.Q. Gallo & Navajo Warrior2007/10/09Tempe, AZ
602 Wrecking Crew: Jacob Herzberg & Marty Murphy2007/12/04Tempe, AZ
Native Blood [2]2008/01/05Mesa, AZ
Jimmy Freeman & Ryan Lynch2008/02/12Tempe, AZ
Defeat Warrior & Gallo, Jacob Herzberg & Marty Murphy, and Miracle Mike & Dread Pirate in a 4-way match.
Skull And Bones: Mike James & The Dread Pirate Bernie2008/03/11Tempe, AZ
602 Wrecking Crew [2] 2008/06/17Tempe, AZ
Skull And Bones [2] 2008/11/18Tempe, AZ
Tyler Empire: Lawrence Tyler & Payed Daily2008/12/16Tempe, AZ
602 Wrecking Crew [3] 2009/02/10Tempe, AZ
Murphy vacates the title on 09/05/19 when the team splits; promotion closes in 10.

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