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American Wrestling Federation
Western States Heavyweight Title

* Promoted by Steve Ketcher but may not be billed as an AWF Title.

Steve Gatorwolf (Steve Ketcher)1985/06/27Grand Junction, CO
Defeats The Gorgeous One; vacant in 85/10 when Gatorwolf wrestles for WWF.
Mr. Destruction1985/11/03Vernal, UT
Defeats The Ranger.
The Plowboy1986/02/14Price, UT
Mr. Destruction [2]1986/05/19Twin Falls, ID
The Gorgeous One1986/08/08Provo, UT
The Plowboy [2]1987/02/23Odgen, UT
Jake Murdock1987/03/09Kingman, AZ
Arizona Outlaw1987/11/21Parker, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf [2]1988/11/27Parker, AZ
Jake Murdock [2]1989/01/17Safford, AZ
The Zodiac1989/04/10Payson, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf [3]1989/08/20Dilkon, AZ
Unifies Southwest Heavyweight Title by defeating J.T. Law on 90/03/09 in Winslow, AZ to become the unified AWF Heavyweight champion.

* Replaced with AWF Heavyweight Title.