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American Wrestling Federation
Heavyweight Title

Steve Gatorwolf (Steve Ketcher)1990/03
Reigning Western States Heavyweight champion, defeats J.T. Law on 90/03/09 in Wislow, AZ to become the first Southwest Heavyweight champion; unifies both titles and is recognized as the first AWF champion.
Navajo Kid1990/05/07Chinle, AZ
Japan Bomber (Riki Ataki) 1990/07/06Winslow, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf [2]1990/08/31Holbrook, AZ
The Zodiac (Louie Spicolli) 1991/03/08Window Rock, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf [3]1991/03/12Tuba City, AZ
Iraq Assassin1991/03/17Safford, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf [4]1991/04/20Flagstaff, AZ
J. T. Law1991/07/16Coolridge, AZ
Navajo Kid [2]1991/11/11Chinle, AZ
Japan Bomber [2]1992/02/14Cortez, CO
Steve Gatorwolf *1992
Star Man (Billy Anderson) * 1992/04/05Tuba City, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf *1992/04/07Kanab, UT
Promoter does not list these changes and has title going from Japan Bomber to Navajo Kid.
Navajo Kid [3]1992/05/13Tuba City, AZ
Steve Gatorwolf [5]1993/04/19Kayenta, AZ
Navajo Kid [4]1993/04/21Chinle, AZ
Vacant on 93/04/21 when Kid injured.
Steve Gatorwolf [6]1993/04/22Page, AZ
Vacant in 93/10.
Navajo Kid [5]1993/10
Navajo Warrior (Navajo Kid) [6]1999/10<
Zodiac 1999/11/17Kingman, AZ
Navajo Warrior [7]1999/11/18Tuba City, AZ
Zodiac [2]2000/04/12Window Rick, AZ
Navajo Warrior [8]2000
Steve Gatorwolf [7]2000/11/02Park City, UT
Bison Smith 2006/11/11 Grand Junction, CO