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Last updated on 2017/03/15

NWA United States Junior Heavyweight Title


Mike Graham 1976/03<  
Defends Georgia version in Knoxville.
Kevin Sullivan1979/05/18Knoxville, TN
Defeats Mike Graham.
Tony Charles1979/06/22Knoxville, TN
Kevin Sullivan [2]1979/06/29Knoxville, TN
Tony Charles [2]1979/07/13Knoxville, TN
Dick Steinborn 1980/06/04? Mobile, AL?
Or 80/06/15 in Pensacola, FL?
Jerry Stubbs 1980/07/08? Mobile, AL?
Norvell Austin 1981/01<  
Sometime after 80/10/26.
Jerry Stubbs [2] 1981/01<  
Title may have been vacant in 81.
Brad Armstrong 1981/01/20 Mobile, AL
Wins tournament.
Jerry Stubbs [3] 1981/02  
Brad Armstrong [2] 1981/02  
Stan Lane1981/03/09Birmingham, AL
Jerry Stubbs * 1981/04/27 Birmingham, AL
Stan Lane * 1981/05/11Birmingham, AL
There may be title switches between Stubbs and Lane but Lane is billed as the champion on TV show prior to the 81/05/11 card.
The Olympia (Jerry Stubbs) # 1981/05/25 Birmingham, AL
Stan Lane # 1981/05/30  
Olympia vacates the title due to being over the weight limit; title awarded back to Lane.
Bill Dundee1981/06/02Memphis, TN
May not be recognized outside Memphis.
Stan Lane [2] 1981/06/08<
Brad Armstrong [3] 1981/06/23 Mobile, AL
Vacant due to injury suffered during a match later in the evening.
Tommy Wright 1981/07/07 Mobile, AL
Wins tournament.
Norvell Austin [2] 1981/08  
Ken Lucas 1981  
Luke Williams 1982/01/05? Mobile, AL?
Tony Charles [3] 1982/01/18? Birmingham, AL?
Scott McGhee 1982/04/12? Birmingham, AL?
Ted Oates 1982/05<  
Scott McGhee [2] 1982/05/17? Birmingham, AL?
Brad Armstrong [4] 1982/06/07 Birmingham, AL
Or 82/06/27 in Pensacola, FL; vacant in 82/08 when Armstrong moves up to heavyweight.
Scott McGhee [3] 1982/08/22<  
Wins tournament.
Bill Ash 1982/11  
Robert Gibson 1982/12<  
Wayne Farris 1982/12/04? Dothan, AL?
Vacant in 82/12 when Ferris cannot make weight limit.
Norman Frederick Charles III1983/01/01Dothan, AL
Wins tournament.
Robert Gibson [2] 1983/01/10 Birmingham, AL
Held up after a match against Norman Frederick Charles III on 83/01/15 in Dothan, AL
Robert Gibson [3] 1983/01/17Birmingham, AL
Wins rematch.
Bill Ash [2] 1983/02/28 Birmingham, AL
Or 83/01/31.
Tommy Rogers1983/05/02Birmingham, AL
Chick Donovan 1983/06/20 Birmingham, AL
Or sometime between 83/06/20 and 83/07/24.
Rick Gibson 1983/08/08 Birmingham, AL
Chick Donovan [2] 1983/08
Tim Horner 1983/09/26 Birmingham, AL
Chick Donovan [3] 1983/10
Tim Horner [2] 1983/10/24 Birmingham, AL
Rip Rogers 1983/11/12 Dothan, AL
Or 83/11/14 in Birmingham, AL.
Ken Lucas [2] 1983/11/28 Birmingham, AL
Rip Rogers [2] 1983/12/26 Birmingham, AL
Ken Lucas [3] 1984/01/23? Birmingham, AL
David Morgan1984/02/06Birmingham, AL
Larry Hamilton1984/02/27Birmingham, AL
Rip Rogers [2]1984/03/05Birmingham, AL
Johnny Rich1984/03/26Birmingham, AL
Tommy Gilbert1984/05/07Birmingham, AL
Scott Armstrong 1984/06/04Birmingham, AL
Tommy Gilbert [2] 1984/06
Scott Armstrong [2] 1984/07/02 Birmingham, AL
Bill Ash [3] 1984/11/09Montgomery, AL
Scott Armstrong [3] 1984/12/03? Birmingham, AL?
Or 84/12/17 in Birmingham, AL?
Bill Ash [4] 1985/01/01 Mobile, AL
Scott Armstrong [4] 1985/06/03 Birmingham, AL
Bill Ash [5] 1985/06/17 Birmingham, AL
Scott Armstrong [5]1985/07/05Montgomery, AL
Bill Ash [6]1985/07/15Birmingham, AL
Roy Lee Welch 1985/09/30 Birmingham, AL
Ken Timbs 1985/11/18Birmingham, AL
Tim Horner [3]1985/12/30Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard1986/03/03Birmingham, AL
Tim Horner [4]1986/03/21Knoxville, TN *
Tom Prichard [2]1986/03/31Birmingham, AL
Tim Horner [5]1986/04/28Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard [3]1986/05/10Dothan, AL
Tim Horner [6]1986/05/26Birmingham, AL
Teams with Brad Armstrong to defeat Prichard & Jerry Stubbs (Southeastern Champ) in which losing champ would lose his belt.
Roy Lee Welch [2] 1986/09/22 Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard [4] 1986/10/06 Birmingham, AL
Roy Lee Welch [3] 1986/10/13 Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard [5] 1986/10/27 Birmingham, AL
Roy Lee Welch [4] 1986
Tom Prichard [6] 1986/11/10Birmingham, AL
Larry Hamilton [2] 1987/01/19Birmingham, AL
Tom Prichard [7]1987/02/27Knoxville, TN
Scott Armstrong [6]1987/05/25Birmingham, AL
Larry Hamilton [3]1987/09/07Birmingham, AL
Ken Wayne1988/03/09Hattiesburg, MS *
Danny Davis1988/08/08Birmingham, AL
Ken Wayne [2]1988/08/08Birmingham, AL
Danny Davis [2] 1988/09/18Montgomery, AL
Ken Wayne [3]1988/10/01Dothan, AL
Danny Davis [3]1988/11/02Harriman, TN *
Alan Martin (Kevin Dillinger) 1989/04/30Montgomery, AL
Danny Davis [4] 1989/05  
Kevin Dillinger [2]1989/05/05Knoxville, TN
Danny Davis [5]1989/06/09Knoxville, TN
Vacant in 89 when Davis leaves the area.
Downtown Bruno1989/09/22Knoxville, TN
Defeats Butch Cassidy in elimination match; Continental promotion has withdrawn from NWA in 87; vacant in 89 when promotion closes.