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Wrestle Birmingham Heavyweight Title
(as of 2017/12/29)

Tom Prichard 2005/05/13 Irondale, AL
Defeats Rick Steiner to be recognized as Alabama Heavyweight Champion by Wrestle Birmingham.
B.G. James 2005/10/08 Irondale, AL
McNasty 2006/07/14 Irondale, AL
B.G. James [2] 2007/02/09 Irondale, AL
McNasty [2] 2007/09/15 Graysville, AL
Vacant in 08.
Dennis Condrey 2008/12/13 Graysville, AL
Defeats Elix Skipper to win the vacant Alabama Title; also billed as Wrestle Birmingham Title; vacant in 10.
Adrian Street 2010/06/19 Graysville, AL
Defeats Ricky Roberts.
Jimmy Golden 2010/11/19 Birmingham, AL
Defeats McNasty (or Golden is the champion entering this match).
Chase Stevens 2014/09/06Graysville, AL
Defeats Jaxon James.