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City of Laurel Tag Team Title

Blue Yankees69/12< 
Bob Boyer & Flash Monroe 70/01/19 Laurel, MS
Ramon Perez & Roberto Soto 70/06<  
Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler 70/06/15 Laurel, MS
Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly meet Mario Galento & Mike Boyette for the title on 70/07/13 and 70/07/20 (champions unknown).
Big Blue Yankee & Gentleman Jim 70/09/21<  
4-team tournament held for the vacant title on 70/10/19 with Rocket Monroe & The Yankee vs Bob Boyer & Ramon Perez and Ken Lucas & Bob Kelly vs Jim Dalton & Frank Dalton in the first round matches (winners unknown).
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe 70/12/29<  
Still/again champions as of 71/01/25<; held up after a match against Eddie Sullivan & Jack Morrell on 71/01/25 in Laurel, MS.
Eddie Sullivan & Jack Morrell 71/02/01 Laurel, MS
Win rematch.
Tiny Frazier & Frank Dalton face Bobby Shayne & Terry Garvin on 71/04/12 (champions unknown).
Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton face Eddie Sullivan & Jack Morrell on 71/05/17 and 71/05/24 (champions unknown).
4-team tournament for the vacant title held on 71/11/22 with Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton, Eddie Sullivan & Prince Pullings, The Alaskans, and Greg Peterson & Dick Dunn (winners unknown); most likely either Eddie Sullivan & Prince Pullings or Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton win the tournament as the two teams face each other for the title on 71/11/29 and 71/12/06 (champions unknown).

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