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Last updated on 2017/11/09

City of Hattiesburg Tag Team Title

Bobby Fields & Bob Kelly 1969/05/08 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeat Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe in tournament final.
The Blue Yankees 1969/06/19Hattiesburg, MS
Bob Kelly & Bobby Fields [2] 1969/07/31 Hattiesburg, MS
Held up after 69/12/25 match again Sugi Sito & Mitsu Sito.
Bob Kelly & Flash Monroe 1970/02/12 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeat Frank Dalton & The Blue Yankee.
Frank Dalton & The Blue Yankee 1970/02/19 Hattiesburg, MS
Bob Kelly & Flash Monroe [2] 1970/02/26 Hattiesburg, MS
The Blue Yankees [2] 1970/04/23 Hattiesburg, MS
Bob Kelly & Flash Monroe [3] 1970/05/14 Hattiesburg, MS
Mario Galento & Mike Boyette 1970/06/25 Hattiesburg, MS
Bob Kelly & The Blue Yankee 1970/07/16 Hattiesburg, MS
Kelly and Yankee split and meet in match with new partners for the title.
Bob Kelly & Bobby Whitlock 1970/08/27 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeat The Blue Yankee & Gentleman Jim Hyde to become new champions.
Bob Kelly & Ken Lucas 1970/09/17 Hattiesburg, MS
Lucas replaces Whitlock when Whitlock leaves the territory; vacant in 70.
Bobby Shane & Terry Garvin 1971/04/15 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeat Frank Dalton & Mike Boyette to claim inactive title.
Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton 1971/04/22 Hattiesburg, MS
The Rugged Russian & The Wrestling Pro 1973/03/29 Hattiesburg, MS
Bob Kelly & Frank Dalton [2] 1973/04/05 Hattiesburg, MS
Hold the city jackets of Laurel and Meridian, defeat The Pro & The Russian to win the city jackets of Hattiesburg and Gulfport.
The Wrestling Pro 1973/04/12 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeats Bob Kelly to win all 4 sets of city jackets; vacant.
Ken Lucas & Nick Kozak 1975/10/23 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeat Alaskan Mike York & The Butcher; vacant.
Danny Little Bear & Gene Lewis 1976/09/15 Hattiesburg, MS
Defeat Luke Brown & Lord John Raven.