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Last updated on 2013/09/20

City of Dothan Tag Team Title

Wrestling Pro & The Rugged Russian73/02/15Dothan, AL
Defeat Ken Lucas & Rick Gibson in tournament final to become the first champions.
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall73/03/02Dothan, AL
Rugged Russian & Mighty Mongol73/05/04Dothan, AL
Ken Lucas & Dennis Hall [2]73/05/04Dothan, AL
Or 73/05/11.
Rip Tyler & Eddie Sullivan73/05/11Dothan, AL
Or 73/05/18.
Rocket Monroe & Flash Monroe73/07/27Dothan, AL
Mysterious Medics (Tony Gonzales & Oscar Gonzales)73/10/12Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn & Ken Lucas73/11/02Dothan, AL
Duke Miller & Wrestling Pro73/12/07Dothan, AL
Dick Dunn & Greg Peterson74/01/18Dothan, AL
Peterson replaces Mysterious Medic in the title match.
Billy Spears & Gorgeous George Jr.74/02/22Dothan, AL
Inactive in 72.
Johnny Fields & Ricky Fields74/11/01Dothan, AL
Awarded; vacant after a match against the Hell's Angels.
Terry Lathan & Ron Starr75/01/17Dothan, AL
Awarded; or defeat Rip Tyler & Randy Tyler on 75/02/21 for the vacant title; inactive in 75.
Johnny & Ricky Fields [2]75/07/11Dothan, AL
Awarded; inactive when Johnny retires.
Challengers 76/06  
Defeat Wrestling Pros.
Wrestling Pros 76/07/02 Dothan, AL
Rick Gibson & Rueben Gibson77/07/01Dothan, AL

* Special thanks to Michael Norris for the complete history of the title.

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