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Last updated on 2017/02/06

Southern Light Heavyweight Title

Joe Dillman 1934/12/19<  
Billed as champion in Anniston, AL.
Brooks Clayton 1936/03/17<  
Billed as champion in Anniston, AL.
Johnny Marrs 1936/07<  
Lon Chaney 1936/08/16< Columbia, SC *
"Several weeks ago", according to the 36/08/16 issue of an Anniston, AL paper; possibly for defeating Marrs for the Georgia version in Augusta, GA on 36/07/29; in Mobile, AL; Chaney is billed as having "recently" defeated Jim Hesslyn in Augusta, GA for the title as of 36/08/21; still champion as of 36/09/02.
Jack Ross 1937/01/18<  
Possibly for holding the Light Heavyweight Title in Augusta, GA; still champion as of 37/05/26.
Honey Boy Hackney 1938/08<  
Young Londos 1938/08 Miami, FL *
"Two months" ago, according to the 38/10/04 issue of an Anniston, AL paper.
Charlie Layden 1938/10/11 Anniston, AL

Rex Mobley 1953/04/19<  
Billed as champion in Montgomery, AL