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Allied Independent Wrestling Federations
World Women's Title

(as of 2017/10/20)

Mia Svensson2012/06/02Lumberton, NC
Defeats Aida Marie to become the first champion.
Lei'D Tapa2012/09/23Lumberton, NC
Mia Svensson [2]2013/01/19Mt. Airy, NC
Devyn Nicole2013/09/07Fayetteville, NC
Vacates in 14/10.
Melaine Cruise 2014/11/21 Goshen, IN
Defeats Mickie Knuckles.
Leighann 2015/08/01 Blue Ridge, GA
Vacates on 16/01/03 due to injury.
Brittany Force 2016/01/16 McKeesport, PA
Defeats Renee Michelle.
Maria Manic 2016/03/05 McKeesport, PA
Brittany Force [2] 2016/04/09 McKeesport, PA
Vacant on 16/07/01 due to injury.
Hannah Hartkoft 2016/07/16 Toledo, OH
Defeats Joseline.
Stacy Shadows 2017/04/14 W. Allis, WI
Tenshi 2017/10/07 Holland, MI