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Allied Independent Wrestling Federations
North American Heavyweight Title

Viper 2009 Hendersonvile, NC
First champion.
DICE 2010/03 Hendersonvile, NC
Corey Duncom 2010/08 Mt. Airy, NC
Allen Anderson2010/11/27Johnson City, TN
T.C. Washington2011/02/19Johnson City, TN
Chief Attakullakulla 2012/03/31 Fredonia, WI
Vacant after Attakullakulla wins the World Title on 12/10/13.
Diafullah Dobashi 2012/11/17Rubicon, WI
Defeats Peter Schwanz; vacant in 13/02 when Dobashi leaves AIWF.

* Replaced with AIWF America's Heavyweight Title.