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American Independent Wrestling Federation ( 1992 - 2008 )
Allied Independent Wrestling Federations ( 2008 -   )
World Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/12/30)

Sebastian Cane1992/06Mt. Airy, NC
Defeats Righteous Rider to become the first champion.
Chucky Baby1993/05Pfafftown, NC
Rick Deezel1993/07/31Mt. Airy, NC
Chucky Baby [2]1993/12/11Trinity, NC
Sebastian Cane [2]1994/03/26
Boston Terrier1994/08/27Mt. Airy, NC
Pretty Boy Slater1994/11/26Pfafftown, NC
Diamond Dave1995/04<
Black Knight1995/04/15Mt. Airy, NC
Vacant in 95/10<.
Major Havoc1995/10/20N. Wilkesboro, NC
Defeats Rick Z. in tournament final.
Johnny Reb 1996/05<  
The Superstar 1996/05/18  
Don Carson 1996/08/17
Doug Summers 1996/12/28
Major Havoc [2] 1997/10<  
Cyclone1997/10/18Elkin, NC
Vacant in 98/02.
E.Z. Ryder 1998
Chainz 1998/05/09
Robert Roma1998/07/11Stuart, VA
Vacant in 98/10 when Roma temporarily retires.
Buddy Landel1998/11<
Terminator X1998/12/19Bassett, VA
Defeats Landel and Chainz in 3-way match.
Rick Deezel [2]1999/03/13Bassett, VA
Terminator X [2] 1999
Steve Niles1999/10<
Sweet Daddy1999/12/04Collinsville, VA
The Scorpion 2000/08<
Steve Niles [2] 2000/09/05
Creeping Death (David Piscura) 2000/12/09
Sweet Daddy [2] 2002<  
Stripped in 02 when Daddy leaves the promotion.
Robert Roma [2]2005/04/26<
Alpha Omega2007/05Wentworth, NC
War [2]2007/08/11<
Justin Flash2007/10/13<
Sometime after 07/09/28.
Jimi Love2009/03/14<
Still/again champion as of 09/07/03.
D'Von Day2010/07/22< Trenton, TN
Sweet Daddy [3]2010/09/25Pelham, NC
Jimi Love [4] 2010/12/18 Mt. Airy, NC
Ricky Morton2011/03/12Yanceyville, NC
Jimi Love [5]2011/09/09Reidsville, NC
Louis Moore2012/03/03Yanceyville, NC
Chief Attakullakulla2012/10/13Spencer, VA
Declared vacant after a controversial ending in a match against Cale Connors on 13/02/15 in Kiln, MS; Attakullakulla leaves later in the same month.
Kyle Matthews2013/05/25Blue Ridge, GA
Defeats Slam Sinner Sixx, Justin Flash, and Justin Overstreet in 4-way match.
Slam Sinner Sixx2013/11/30Clinton, MS
Justin Overstreet2014/03/22Myrtle Beach, SC
Justin Flash 2014/10/15 Mt. Airy, NC
Justin Overstreet [2] 2014/11/28 Winston-Salem, NC
Damien Wayne2015/04/04Princeton, WV
Beer City Bruiser 2016/07/01 Milwaukee, WI
Kahagas 2016/08/19 W. Allis, WI
Rodney Mack 2016/11/20 Waggaman, LA
Francisco Ciatso 2017/08/18 Callaway, FL
William Huckaby 2017/12/30 Mt. Airy, NC