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Allied Independent Wrestling Federations
World Cruiserweight Title

(as of 2018/01/20)

Aaron Epic2012/03/10Mt. Airy, NC
Defeats Ethan Case and Velvet Jones in tournament 3-way final; vacant in 13.
James Anthony2014/02/15Jasper, TN
Wins a tournament 7-way final.
Kobra King2014/09/06Clinton, MS
Drew Game2015/04/04Rockwood, TN
Torque 2015/08/01 Blue Ridge, GA
Drew Game [2] 2015/08/02 Boonesvile, MS
Johnny Romano 2015/10/02 Albany, GA
Drew Game [3] 2015/10/23 Columbus, GA
Kevin Phoenix 2015/11/28 Red Bank, TN
Thomas Cage 2016/01/23 Pikeville, TN
Ray Fury 2016/02/07 Pikeville, TN
Ace Haven 2016/05/06 Piedmont, AL
Drew Game [4] 2016/08/12 Piedmont, AL
Jason Hampton 2016/08/19 E. Ridge, TN
Ray Fury [2] 2016/08/27 E. Ridge, TN
James Anthony [2] 2017/01/21 Mt. Airy, NC
Jeff X 2017/08/19 Mt. Airy, NC
Drew Game [5] 2017/10/21 La Follette, TN
Matt Gilbert 2017/12/02 Hazel Green, AL
Vacant on 18/01/01 due to injury.
T.J. Phillips 2018/01/20 Mt. Airy, NC
Wins a 7-way match.