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Allied Independent Wrestling Federations
America's Heavyweight Title

(as of 2017/10/06)

Fred Yehi 2015/10/02 Monroe, GA
Defeats Chip Day in 8-man tournament final vacant in 15/12.
Brian Rivers 2015/12/19 Blue Ridge, GA
Wins a 13-man battle royal.
Drew Game 2016/01/16 E. Ridge, TN
Francisco Ciatso 2016/02/06 Albany, GA
Jagged Edge 2016/10/22 Monroe, GA
Vacates on 17/03/19.
Chris Nelms 2017/03/25 Monroe, GA
Wins battle royal.
Shannon Hayes 2017/05/13 Pikeville, TN
Big Heavy 2017/07/15 Pikeville, TN
Eric Darkstorm 2017/08/18 Marmet, WV
Defeats Big Heavy and Humpaga in 3-way match.
Flex Reed 2017/10/06 Omaha, NE