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Allied Independent Wrestling Federations
World 6-man Tag Team Title
(as of 2016/05/21)

Sullivan Clan: Kevin Sullivan & R.R. Sullivan (Ron Von Hess) & D.V. Sullivan (Dash Venture)2011/12/16<WA
Von Hess (R.R. Sullivan) defeats Kevin and D.V. in 12/11 to merge the title into World Wide Web Title.

Jonny Rose & Chris Cage & Tommy Davis 2016/04/13  
Have won HCW 6-man Tag Team Title on 15/11/21 in Kidderminster, ENG; recognized as AIWF World Title from 16/04.
Lewis Blain & Matt Adams & The Foxcatcher 2016/05/21 Stourport-on-Severn, ENG