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Symbols on the Title Histories

Most of the symbols on the pro-wrestling title history pages are same as Wrestling Title Histories.

date The format is either YY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YY, depending on the title listing. Figure that out by yourself. :)
[ ] Indicates the number of times the wrestler has held that title at that point.
[...] Indicates a gap in the listing where title changes are not known.
* If used next to the names of the wrestlers, they may, in fact, not have held the title in the period indicated. If used next to the dates or places, either they are wrong or the title changes are fictitious.
< Title was held or changed hands no later than this. In these cases, it is known that a wrestler held the title at a certain time but not when he won it.
@ Order uncertain. Different titleholders may be known for the same year, for example, but it is not known who held the title before whom.
# Unofficial or disputable claims. These are usually matches that certainly took place, but where there is doubt that the wrestler shown should be recognized as a true title holder. These listings are also italicized in HTML files