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Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker

Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker
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  • Brand:Umagine
  • Category:Toy
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  • Seller:GlobeWarehouse
  • Sales Rank:197,179
  • Age:5 - 10 years
  • Shipping Weight (lbs):1.4
  • Dimensions (in):8.8 x 9 x 10.8
  • Legal Disclaimer:must be 18 orolder to purchase this item
  • Release Date:September 1, 2012
  • MPN:6019621
  • Model:20057692
  • UPC:658109652813
  • EAN:0778988057827
  • ASIN:B008BRLZ44
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  • No Baking Required - Just Add Water!
  • Stencils & Tags For Customized Designs.
  • Makes 8 Cake Pops
  • Make, Decorate & Eat Delicious Cake Pops
  • Includes: 1 Cake Pop Maker, 1 Cape Pop Tray, 1 Mixing Bowl, 1 Icing Cup, 1 Measuring Spoon, 1 Spatula, 8 Cake Pop Sticks, 20 Cake Pop Tags, 1 Instruction Guide, 2 White Cake Mix Pouches, 1 Brown Icing Pouch, 1 White Icing Pouch, 1 Rainbow Sprinkles Pouch, 1 Blue Sprinkles Pouch, 1 Pink Sprinkles Pouch

Editorial Reviews:
Easily create delicious Cake Pops with custom decorations all on your own! The Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker requires zero baking! Just add water to the mix, make your Cake Pops and then place in the fridge for 15 minutes. Dip the Cake Pop in icing, decorate with 3 kinds of sprinkles and customize your pops using the included stencils and tags. The Cake Pop Maker has everything you need to easily create mouth-watering Cake Pops! Discover easy-to-make no bake Cake Pops with the Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker!

With the Spin Master Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker, kids ages six and up can make and decorate vanilla-flavored cake pops. The kit's cake-pop maker helps kids fill the included molds to make perfect, no-bake pops, which set up in the refrigerator and are ready to decorate in just 15 minutes. Kids can personalize their pops with white or brown icing and pink, blue, and rainbow sprinkles. Sprinkle stencils and brightly colored paper tags add extra flair.

Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker
Kids can make custom-decorated cake pops with no baking required.
View larger.
Kid-Friendly Kit Makes Trendy Desserts

The Spin Master Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker includes everything you need to create eight uniquely decorated cake pops. These no-bake cake pops are simple to make, and the set's stand makes it easy to fill the included pop mold with the gelatin-based cake batter. Just mix the batter, fill the extruder on the top of the cake-pop maker, and fill the molds.

Add Water to Make Batter and Icing

This Cake Pop kit includes enough batter and icing mixes to make two batches of four cake pops. Once you've filled the molds, place them in the refrigerator. In 15 minutes, the cake pops will be solid and ready to decorate.

Decorate with Frosting and Sprinkles

Kids can cover their pops in white or brown frosting and create designs with the included pink, blue, and rainbow sprinkles. Gutters in the Cake Pop Maker's base help kids roll cake pops in sprinkles for all-over coverage. There are also four sprinkle stencils included, which help kids create star, heart, diamond, and flower shapes.

"Cooking" Fun for Kids Six and Older

Our testers found the Cake Pop Maker easy to use--with a little adult supervision. Younger cooks should don an apron for easy cleanup, but, with parental guidance, the Cake Pop Maker can provide an afternoon of fun without too much mess. The cake pops have a slightly rubbery texture from the gelatin, but the icing and sprinkles turn them into tasty, child-approved treats.

Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker
The set includes everything you need to make, frost, decorate, and serve eight cake pops. View larger.
Easy to Assemble and Use

The Cake Pop Maker is easy to assemble. The extruder pushes out nearly all of the batter, but it can be difficult to fill the molds all the way, as the batter piles up to block the opening. Our testers were able to use the included cake-pop sticks to push the batter down into the mold, making room to fill it completely. Mixing the batter and icing to the right consistency is simple, and the instructions provide a list of troubleshooting tips for possible problems.

Reusable Kit with Batter and Icing Refills

All parts of the Cake Pop Maker are reusable, including the eight cake-pop sticks included in the kit. The set also includes recipe cards that use images to explain how to make the batter, icing, and sprinkle designs. Paper tags in the shape of presents, bows, and candy let kids further personalize their cake pops. With refills of batter and icing mix (sold separately), kids can keep creating one-of-a-kind desserts.

What's in the Box

Cake pop maker with batter extruder, eight cake-pop sticks, two-part cake-pop mold, large mixing bowl, small icing bowl, two-ended measuring spoon, spatula, two pouches of white cake mix, one pouch white icing mix, one pouch brown icing mix, pink sugar sprinkles, blue sugar sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles, four recipe cards, 16 cake-pop stick tags, two sprinkle stencils, and instructions.

Cool Baker Cake Pop Maker
Cool Baker
Cake Pop Maker

At a Glance:

  • Kit makes eight uniquely decorated cake pops
  • Just add water to make batter and icing
  • Set includes sprinkles and two kinds of frosting
  • Cake Pop Maker and ingredients are easy to assemble
  • All parts can be reused for the next batch

Age/Weight Requirements:

  • Six years and up

Assembly Requirements:

  • Some adult assistance needed to pop plastic parts into place to create the Cake Pop Maker
  • Adult supervision is recommended for making the cake pops

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