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Wrestling Strength Training Workouts That WIN!: Wrestling Strength & Conditioning Workouts To Dominate Your Competition

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  • Publication Date:June 21, 2014
  • ASIN:B00L6QQ5I8

Editorial Reviews:
Since 2002 these wrestling strength & conditioning workouts have helped average and even losing wrestlers transform themselves into dominant wrestlers at the state and national level. These wrestling workouts have been tested and proven to produce powerful results on thousands of wrestlers, both in person at The Underground Strength Gym and via distance coaching.

With 3 training phases in this course, you can start at the phase that is appropriate for your age and your current strength and conditioning level.

The introductory program is an 8 week training cycle to help 7th, 8th and 9th grade wrestlers build up their physical and mental strength foundation required for more intense workouts.

Each workout builds strength, explosive power, mental toughness, lean muscle and improves conditioning. The training is specific for what a wrestler needs both physically and mentally. No stone is left unturned.

The intermediate phase is also an 8 week training phase which builds on the foundation of strength and toughness built through the intro phase. The advanced training phase is a 12 week training cycle and you can go back and repeat any of these workouts for continued success.

Every week you will experience improvements in strength, speed, explosive power, mental toughness and conditioning.

These workouts are direct from The Underground Strength Gym of NJ which has set the standard for strength & conditioning for wrestlers because of our undeniable results. Wrestling Coaches, parents and wrestlers themselves have consulted, trained and / or traveled here from around the country to learn these methods.

The workouts in this training course are not based on theory, they are based on what truly works and what delivers results. Each and every workout has been battle tested and proven in their efficacy as these workouts have routinely helped wrestlers with losing records transform themselves into dominant wrestlers, ranging from achieving goals such as becoming a state qualifier all the way to winning a national title.

Be ready to put forth the work, dedication and commitment required to produce results. These workouts are not easy.

In total, this program comes with 24 weeks of wrestling specific strength and conditioning workouts that can be repeated when completed. There is also a short yet powerful section on nutrition guidelines to help wrestlers avoid the pitfalls of cutting weight and increasing chances of injury.

If you want to dominate the competition and get the edge over your competition, you must train smarter, better and differently. It's not enough to do mindless circuits or assume that doing sprints, push ups and copying a workout from youtube or a magazine will give you the edge you truly need.

These workouts are dialed in and proven since 2002 to give wrestlers the edge over their competition, both physically and mentally.

Here are what some wrestling parents and wrestling coaches are saying about these workouts:

“His Physical Toughness, His Mental Toughness….. Words Can Not Describe What Your Training Has Done For My Son…” - Anthony Rosamilia

“Gained 18 lbs of Solid Muscle…. Coaches Are So Impressed With His Gains…” - Jeff Plungis

“My Conditioning Has Never Been Better…. Not Cutting Weight…. I Just Don’t Get Tire…. County Champ…. 4th In State " - Matt Coppola

“This Year Was Different, I Had A Really Big Edge Over My Competition, It's given Me More Confidence To Give It My All. 4 Time All State, State Champ” - John Schleiffer

"Zach's knowledge & passion for wrestling are second to none. The powerful results he creates through his unconventional wrestling workouts are impressive to say the least.

Through Zach's input I've revamped the way we train our wrestlers and the results have been more powerful than anything we've experienced before. Our wrestlers are stronger, more explosive, in better shape than ever before.

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