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Leader Wrestling Association
Tag Team Title
(as of 2017/11/05)

Clase, Dinero y Poder: Ian Muhlig & TVK2010/11/05Lima
Defeat Kings of Wrestling: Chris Hero & Claudio Castagnoli in tournament final to become the first champions.
Trash Metal: Rey del Aire & Trash 2011/02/28 Lima
Defeat Clase, Dinero y Poder and AXL & Íkaro in 3-way match.
Ariki Toa & Xtra Large 2011/11/20 Lima
Defeat Trash Metal and Clase, Dinero y Poder: Ian Muhlig & TVK in 3-way match.
Pandemia: Dínamo & Dr. Morbo 2012/04/22Santiago, CHI
Los Arlequines: Lucky & Sin Nombre 2012/11/04 Santiago, CHI
Defeat Pandemia and Team ABC1: J.F. Roman & Pensacola in 3-way match.
Los Mateistas: Cai-Cai Vilu & Gaston Mateo 2013/03/17 Santiago, CHI
Defeat Los Arlequines and Helter Skelter & Limite in 3-way match.
Los Mateistas: Cai-Cai Vilu & Helter Skelter 2013/03/31
Mateo gives his share of the title to Skelter when joins Los Mateístas.
Team ABC: J.F. Roman & Pensacola 2013/07/07 Santiago, CHI
Defeat Los Amteistas, Bunny & Sinner, and Limite & Pedro Pablo Subercaseaux in 4-way match.
Cantidad & Calidad: Bad Boy & Mansilla 2013/07/28 Lima
Defeat Team ABC1 and CDP: Ian Muhlig & Tony Vampiro Korleone in a 3-way match; vacant on 13/11/09 due to eye injury of Bad Boy.
Caoz & Kaiser 2013/11/09 Lima
Defeat Team ABC: J.F. Roman & Pensacola.
AXL & Ikito 2014/03/09 Lima
Cantidad & Calidad [2] 2014/04/04 Lima
Defeat AXL & Ikito and Agustin Cienfuegos & Anthony Da Silva in a 3-way match.
La Plaga: Killer & Seven 2014/10/12 Lima
Crolitud Kamikaze: DaVinci & Trash 2015/07/19 Lima
Black Label: Rafael Da Silva & Zero 2015/11/08 Lima
Vacant on 16/10/28 when Da Silva leaves the promotion.
Las Klitz: Alexandra & Alison Evans 2017/11/05 Lima
Defeat Dr. Veneno & Zero.