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Xplosion Nacional de Lucha Libre
National Titans of the Ring Title ( 2011/04 - 2011/08 )
International Titans of the Ring Title ( 2011/08 - 2017/08 )
Titans of the Ring Title ( 2017/08 -   )
"Titanes del Ring"

(as of 2017/10/08)

Defeats Jay Jocker in tournament final to become the first National champion.
Bruno Sandretti2011/08/28Santiago
Toro 2011/10/30 Santiago
AXL 2011/11/20 Lima, PER
Renamed International Title.
Dr. Veneno 2012/01/04 Lima, PER
Defeats AXL and Ikaro in 3-way match
Ikaro 2012/06/29 Lima, PER
Caoz 2012/11/24 Lima, PER
Sinner 2013/04/28 Santiago
Defeats Caoz and Red Rocket in 3-way match.
Andy Sykes 2013/09/15 Santiago
"____" (sin nombre) 2014/03/16 Santiago
Ariki Toa 2014/05/11 Santiago
Al-Cold 2014/10/26 Santiago
Defeats Toa, Toro, and Carnicero in 4-way match.
Locky 2015/05/03 Santiago
Perfecto Bundy 2016/03/06 Santiago
Domina 2016/12/04 Santiago
A female wrestler; defeats Bundy and Sebastian Joestar in 3-way match.
Bajo Cero 2017/08/06 Santiago
Defeats Domina and Historic champion Melillan in 3-way match to become the undisputed Titans of the Ring champion.