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Provided by J Michael Kenyon through WRESTLING AS WE LIKED IT.

by Jim Scofield (nee Skufakiss)

Boxing & Wrestling Magazine, June, 1953

...It doesn't take admiring youngsters (anybody under 40) long to realize that Londos must have been an unbeatable terror when he ruled in the heyday of big-time wrestling . . . before the freaks and comic showmen moved in to fill the void left by the "retirement" of such immortals as Jeemy.

...Londos, a proud father of three daughters, admits to being "just past 39." Most historians peg him at 56 . . . buit you can make your own guess. He's also mighty happy about his orchards and farm near San Diego where he raises lemons, oranges and avocados. In addition, he owns a ranch in Arizona and an arena in Phoenix. His appearances on the mat are "just so I can keep in shape and get around to see what the other boys are doing."

...And what is the old master's opinion of modern rasslers?

"There are some very good boys around today," Jeemy told this writer. "Certainly, boys like Lou Thesz, Bert Assirati and even Gorgeous George, to name a few, could have held their own in the old days."

...Jeemy also paid tribute to Verne Gagne and Ruffy Silverstein when he said: "Verne and Ruffy could have tied most of the wrestlers of 20 years ago in knots."

...Jack Ganson, the Cleveland promoter who also wrestled the old timers, says: "Londos was just as good as Joe Stecher, Earl Caddock and John Pesek."

Jim McMillen: "In my opinion, Londos had more wrestling ability than Ray Steele, Dick Shikat or Pesek. I rate him even with Strangler Lewis had they met when both were in their prime. And Londos as also a great showman."

Abe Coleman: "Londos was tops as a wrestler. I rate him even up with Shikat."

Ed Don George: "I think Londos and Shikat were both great, but I think Londos was a shade better."

Ad Santel: "Londos was a great wrestler. I took him on twice. I beat him in 1919 in an hour, one fall. He then came back around 1922 to beat me in an hour and a half time limit, one-fall match."

Joe Stecher: "Lewis was the toughest man I ever wrestled. Pesek was the craftiest. But Jim Londos was the best wrestler I ever met."

Kola Kwariani: "Londos was a better wrestler than Lewis, Pesek or all or any. He was the best, period."

Ed Lewis, in 1932, according to Willie Davis: "If we go over to the gym right now, Londos can beat me. But if I wait a week and let him worry about it, I can whip him."

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