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Provided by J Michael Kenyon through WRESTLING AS WE LIKED IT.


Honolulu Star-Bulletin, January 19, 1948

The much discussed Ed (Strangler) Lewis-Jack Sherry match comes off next Sunday -- if Sherry is willing, promoter Al Karasick reiterated Sunday night.

The Strangler is due here Wednesday and will issue a counter-challenge to Sherry, who issued a blanket challenge to meet all comers here.

Judging from Sunday night's attendance, the Lewis- Sherry match should smoke out a big crowd.

Over 5,000 howling fans watched Pantaleon Manlapig, the Filipino strongman, subdue Ted (Tiger) Travis in the main event. Travis' Hawaiian junior heavyweight belt was not at stake.

Manlapig took the first fall after 12 minutes, 31 seconds, with arm whips and a body press, after being on the receiving end of rough tactics.

Travis took the second fall with his "corkscrew" leg twist in 2 minutes, 35 seconds. Manlapig came back to clinch the issue with body slams and a press in 4 minutes, 12 seconds.

Maurice Chappelle and Bob Corby battled 30 minutes without a fall. The referee liked Chappelle and awarded him the decision. It was a fast match.

Ivan Kameroff copped the special from Ali Hassen on a disqualification, but not until they had given the fans a lively show. Kameroff's speed and power tactics more than offset the barefooted Turk's wild and wooly maneuvers.

Bucky O'Neill and Harry Dellis roughed it up good and plenty, with O'Neill taking the match with bodyslams and a press in 9 minutes, 4 seconds.

Bull Pugh applied a Boston crab on Mike Casey for the curtain raiser.

(ED. NOTE from J Michael Kenyon : After issuing the "challenge," and luring the 57-year-old Lewis to the islands, Sherry took a duck and refused to meet the Strangler. Instead, young Butch Levy substituted. Lewis beat him and subsequently retired from active duty on the mat.)

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