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(reprinted from Fred Kohler Enterprises program)

By Bob Luce

Without question the most important lines of type to appear on a newspaper sports page about wrestling made its appearance June 15 (1957) in the Chicago American:

"Professional wrestling has a new World Champion today . . . at long last. He is the popular Frenchman, Edouard Carpentier, who defeated Lou Thesz in two out of three falls at the Amphitheatre last night."

The Thesz-Carpentier title match in Chicago June 14th saw Thesz battling valiantly to win quickly from the Frenchman, finally mustering enough wily ring generalship to take the first fall with a flying body press at 17:22. But, in winning the first fall, Thesz had extended himself to the very limit.

Carpentier saw his advantage and as the crowd screamed in near hysteria, he smothered Thesz in the second fall with dynamic aerial maneuvers -- pinning the champion in center ring in a record 3:39 with a powerful reverse body press.

In the third fall it was all Carpentier. In a brilliant offensive -- ebbing Thesz' strength with a relentless, vicious onslaught.

Finally, unable to defend himself further, Thesz reeled from corner to corner in an effort to stave off inevitable defeat. At 4:42 referee Ed Whalen signaled the end of the match, disqualifying Thesz and raising Carpentier's hand in victory.

(Sports Facts)

(reprinted from the Minneapolis program, summer '57)

As far as the state of Illinois is concerned an era ended June 14 which opened some twenty-odd years ago when Lou Thesz first defeated Everett Marshall and zoomed into the top ranks among world wrestlers.

At midnight June 14, the state of Illinois recognized Edouard Carpentier, a cousin of Georges Carpentier, the famous boxer, as world heavyweight wrestling champion.

The claim has been sent to the National Wrestling Alliance and will be given consideration at the next meeting of the NWA.

The NWA however is not likely to recognize Carpentier as they've gone on record a number of times in the past stating that they would never recognize a new titleholder on a disqualification victory and that's how the Frenchman won when Thesz was disqualified by the referee.