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New Zealand Wide Pro Wrestling
New Zealand Tag Team Title

(as of 2017/03/26)

Superlatives: Jean Miracle & Nick Silver2007/04/14Lower Hutt
Defeat CD & DreamCatcher in one-night 4-team tournament final to become the first champions.
Company Gold: Dan Stirling & Rehua2007/04/28Kuku
Adam Avalanche & Infinity2008/02/23Auckland
Company T: Dan Stirling & Rehua [2]2008/05/31Lower Hutt
Adam Avalanche & Infinity [2]2008/08/16Wainuiomata
Declared vacant on 09/02/13 when three of four competitors for the scheduled title defense no-show.
Circus Of Tragedy: Osiris & Dreamcatcher2009/04/09
Have claimed the title since 09/02/25 after stealing the title belts; officially recognized as champions on 09/04/09.
Ben Mana & Tyakde2009/04/23Taita
Adam Avalanche & Ben Mana2009/04/24Petone
Avalanche, scheduled to challenge Mana & Tyakde with a mystery partner, announces his partner is Mana, who turns on Tyakde to win the title.
5 Star Revolution: Travis Banks & J.C. Star2009/10/30Titahi Bay
Project Mayhems: Johnny Idol & Corey Dallas 2011/03/06
Later stripped due to outside interfence during the match.
Project Mayhems: Johnny Idol & Roddy Gunn 2011/08/12
Defeat D-Hoya & J.C. Star, the Lost Boys: Mikey Rave & Taylor Adams, and the Circus of Tragedy in a 4-corners elimination match.
Lost Boys: Mikey Rave & Taylor Adams 2012/05/27
Vacant in 12.
Circus of Tragedy: Axl & Osiris 2012/12/21 Petone
Defeat Awesome Intelligence: Chad Howard & Nerd.
20/20 Experience: Chad Howard & Paul Sayers 2013/08/10 Levin
Wainui Express: Hayden Thiele & Jade Priest 2014/05/24 Lower Hutt
Nobodies: Axl & J.C. Star # 2015/05/23 Belmont
Defeat Priest in a handicap match after Thiele is taken out earlier on the card.
Wainui Express # 2015/06/04  
Title returned when the title match is declared void.
Rodeo Drive: Chad Howard & Roddy Gunn 2015/08/22 Belmont
The team later becomes a stable consisting of Howard, Charlie Roberts, and Bryant.
Ben Mana & Jade Priest 2016/06/04 Belmont
Ebony & Ivory: Jade Prise & James Shaw 2016/10/21 Otaki
Shaw repalced Mana who suffers knee injury.