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Last updated on 2016/05/18


  • May not be billed as an NWA title(s).
  • Prior to the 1990s, there were two groups of the midget wrestlers, each of which had its own world title. The midget wrestling was usually for a comedy purpose, and most likely, its "championships" were not actual titles. The pre-1990s portion of this list only shows who held title at certain point in time but is not to provide any actual lineage(s).

Sky Low Low # 1949 Paris, FRA
Wins 30-man tournament to become the first World Midgets' champion; may not be recognized by NWA; still recognized as champion in Wichita Falls, TX as of 51/03/22.
Little Beaver * 1950s
Sonny Boy Cassidy 1957/09<
Have been recognized as champion by non-NWA promoter in Dallas, TX as of 53/06; recognized in Memphis, TN as of 57/09 and Florence, AL as of 57/10.
Farmer Pete 1957/10/04 Florence, AL
Sonny Boy Cassidy [2] 1957/10/11 Florence, AL
Cowboy Bradley 1960/06<
Recognized as champion in Georgia.
Lord Littlebrook 1966/03<
Sky Low Low 1967<
Little Beaver 1967/10/09 El Paso, TX
Lord Littlebrook 1968/06/28<
Recognized in St. Joseoph, MO; still champion as of 69/01/31.
Lord Littlebrook 1972<
Recognized in Los Angeles, CA as of 72.
Little Beaver 1974/01<
Also defends on 74/07/05 in Calgary.
Little Tokyo 1974/08<
Cowboy Lang 1980/04/25 Calgary, AB, CAN
Little Tokyo 1981/12<
Tiny Tom 1981/12/25 Dallas , TX
Cowboy Lang 1983/05<
Little Tokyo 1983/05/30 Vancouver, BC, CAN
Billed as NWA champion on on an AWA card on 85/09/28 in Chicago, IL.
Little Mr. T 1986/01/12 St. Joseph, MO

Tiny the Terrible 1998/10/04 Terryville, CT
Defeats Half Nelson.
Little Killer 1999/03/20 Thomaston, CT
Jinx 1999/09/11 Monroe, CT

Ocatgoncito 2009/09/20 Santa Cruz, CA
Defeats El Espantito to become the Pro Wrestling Revolution World Minis champion and is also recognized as NWA World champion; PWR leaves NWA in 12/09.