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Last updated on 2016/12/29

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1986 <<

Denny Brown [3]

01/04 Huntington, WV Hector Guerrero  
01/05 Greenville, SC Nelson Royal  
01/18 Asheville, NC Gary Royal W
01/21 Jacksonville, FL Hector Guerrero (non-title?) D
02/05 Harrisonburg, VA Hector Guerrero D
02/06 Baltimore, MD Hector Guerrero (non-title?) D
02/15 Atlanta, G Rocky King (non-title?) W
02/20 Jacksonville, FL Rocky King (non-title?)
02/27 Albany, GA Thunderfoot II (non-title?) W
02/28 Taylorsville, NC Hector Guerrero
03/07 Atlanta, GALazor-Tron (Hector Guerrero)L

Lazor-Tron (Hector Guerrero)

03/21 Cincinnati, OH Denny Brown W
03/23 Fayetteville, NC Denny Brown W
03/28 Philadelphia, PA Denny Brown W
04/03 Greensboro, NC Denny Brown W
04/05 Atlanta, GA Chris Champion (non-title?) W
04/12 Charleston, SC Gary Royal W
04/16 Harrisonburg, VA George South (sub Denny Brown) W
04/17 Richmond, VA Thunderfoot #1 (Joel Deaton) W
04/20 Fayetteville, NC Gary Royal W
04/22 Greenwood, SC Denny Brown  
04/23 Raleigh, NC Nelson Royal W
04/25 Greensboro, NC Gary Royal W
04/26 Rock Hill, SC Rocky King W
05/03 Cincinnati, OH Denny Brown W
05/03 Charleston, WV Nelson Royal W (pin)
05/04 Greenville, SC Nelson Royal W (DQ)
05/07 Raleigh, NC Nelson Royal W (DQ)
05/08 Norfolk, VA Nelson Royal W
05/09 Charlotte, NC Nelson Royal W (pin)
06/27 Fayetteville, NC MOD Squad Basher (Mack Jeffers) W
07/12 Orlando, FL Jerry Gray W
07/14 Gaffney, SC Nelson Royal D
07/17 Norfolk, VA Thunderfoot #1 (Joel Deaton) W
07/25 Philadelphia, PA Nelson Royal W
08/15 Baltimore, MD Nelson Royal D
08/22 Philadelphia, PA Gladiator #1 (George South) W (pin)
09/01 Spartanburg, SC Gladiator #2  
09/05 Philadelphia, PA Gladiator (George South?) W
09/11 Charleston, WV Denny Brown W
09/30 Charleston, SC Denny Brown  
10/01 Raleigh, NC Denny Brown W
10/03 Charlotte, NC Denny Brown W
Vacant in 87/10 when Tron leaves the promotion.

Nelson Royal [4]

11/17 Columbia, SC Denny Brown (for vacant title) W
11/24 Columbia, SC Denny Brown W

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