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Last updated on 2017/03/15

The Records of
NWA World Junior Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1980 <<

Les Thornton

01/01 Columbus, GA (aft)Kevin SullivanW
01/01Atlanta, GA (eve)Steve OlsonoskiW
01/11 Marietta, GA Kevin Sullivan D
01/20Mobile, ALJerry StubbsL

Jerry Stubbs

Thornton continues to defend the title in Florida.
01/25 Pensacola, FL Les Thornton  
01/26 Birmingham, AL Brad Armstrong  
01/27 Mobile, AL Brad Armstrong  
01/30Dothan, ALLes ThorntonL

Les Thornton [2]

02/19 Rome, GA Steve Olsonoski (non-title?)
02/20 Porterdale, GA Steve Keirn (non-title?) D
02/24 Tampa, FL Scott McGhee (non-title?) W
02/25 Melbourne, FL Hiro Matsuda
02/27Orlando, FLHiro MatsudaW
03/02 W. Palm Beach, FL Sweet Brown Sugar W
03/03 Tampa, FL Sweet Brown Sugar W (DQ)
03/04 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jerry Brisco
03/07 Ft. Myers, FL El Gran Apollo (non-title?) D
03/16 Pensacola, FL Jerry Stubbs W
03/16 Augusta, GA Steve Olsonoski (non-title?) L (DQ)
03/25 Columbus, GA Steve Olsonoski (non-title?) W
04/05 Pensacola, FL Jerry Stubbs W
04/07 Mobile, AL Jerry Stubbs
04/20W. Palm Beach, FLHiro Matsuda W (16:30)
04/21 Tampa, FL El Gran Apollo (non-title?) W
04/22Miami Beach, FLJerry BriscoW (DQ)
04/27 W. Palm Beach, FL El Gran Apollo (non-title?)
05/09 Knoxville, TN Tim Horner W
05/27Miami Beach, FLMike GrahamW (DQ)
05/28Gainesville, FLJerry Brisco
05/29Orlando, FLMike Graham
05/30 St. Petersburg, FL Jerry Brisco NC
06/02 Tampa, FL Prof. Sonoda (non-title?) D
06/03 Miami Beach, FL Sweet Brown Sugar (non-title?) L (DQ)
06/04Ft. Pierce, FLCocoa Samoa
06/07Roanoke, VATerry TaylorL

Terry Taylor

06/09 Johnson City, TN Les Thornton  
06/11 Fishersville, VA Les Thornton  
06/12 Knoxville, TN Les Thornton  
06/18 Harrisonburg, VA Les Thornton W
06/19 Knoxville, TN Les Thornton  
06/20Roanoke, VALes ThorntonL

Les Thornton [3]

06/27St. Petersburg, FLJerry Brisco
08/17W. Palm Beach, FLMike Graham L (15:07 DQ)
08/18Tampa, FLCocoa SamoaW
08/19Miami, FLCocoa SamoaW
08/20Jacksonville, FLCocoa Samoa
08/23Orlando, FLCharlie Cook
08/28Knoxville, TNTerry Taylor L (DQ)
08/29 Knoxville, TN Tim Horner W
09/13Orlando, FLJerry BriscoL

Jerry Brisco

09/15Tampa, FLLes ThorntonW (DQ)
09/16 Miami, FL Les Thornton W (DQ)
09/20 Orlando, FL Les Thornton W
09/21W. Palm Beach, FLEddie Mansfield W (14:53 pin)
09/22Tampa, FLEddie MansfieldW (16:09 DQ)
09/23 Miami, FL Les Thornton L (DQ)
09/24 Daytona, FL Eddie Mansfield W
09/26 St. Petersburg, FL Les Thornton W (18:52 pin)
10/04Ocala, FLLes Thornton
10/05W. Palm Beach, FLLes Thornton
10/06 Kingsport, TN Les Thornton W
10/09 Orlando, FL Mike Graham W
10/13Tampa, FLEddie MansfieldW (pin)
10/14 Miami, FL Eddie Mansfield W
10/16Knoxville, TNLes ThorntonL

Les Thornton [4]

10/31St Petersburg, FLJerry Brisco
11/01Orlando, FLEric Embry
11/02W. Palm Beach, FLJerry Brisco
11/07Bayamón, PRJoe LightfootL (WWC title?)
11/14San Juan, PRJoe LightfootW (WWC title?)
11/26 Mobile, AL Ken Lucas (non-title?)  
11/30 Birmingham, AL Ken Lucas (non-title?)  
12/01 Mobile, AL Ken Lucas (non-title?)  
12/26 St Petersburg, FL Don Diamond W
12/28Hollywood, FLMike Graham

>> 1982