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The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1990 <<

01/01Greensboro, NCRic FlairW
01/05Augusta, GARic FlairW
01/07 Memphis, TN Ric Flair
01/11E. Rutherford, NJRic FlairL
01/13 Charleston, WV Sting L (DQ)
01/17 Jacksonville, FL Sting W (23min)
01/18 Kansas City, KS Sting L (DQ)
01/19 Charlottesville, VA Sting W
01/20 Chicago, IL Sting W (24:16 DQ)
01/22 Los Angeles, CA Sting W
01/23 San Francisco, CA Sting W
01/26 Columbia, SC Sting L (DQ)
01/30 Gainesville, FL Scott SteinerD (24:25)
02/03 Asheville, NC Sting W
02/08 Roanoke, VA Sting W (DQ)
02/10 Richmond, VA Sting L (DQ)
02/15 Jacksonville, FL El Gigante L (8min DQ)
02/17 Atlanta, GA El Gigante W (7:20 DQ)
02/22 Chicago, IL El Gigante D (DDQ)
02/23 Milwaukee, WI Sting L (DQ)
02/28 Chattanooga, TN El Gigante W (DQ)
03/01 Baltimore, MD Sting L (DQ)
03/02 Waldorf, MD Sting L (DQ)
03/03 Atlantic City, NJ El Gigante L (DQ)
03/08 Knoxville, TN El Gigante D (DDQ)
03/10 Atlanta, GASting (cage) W (17min)
03/14 St. Joseph, MO Sting L (DQ)
03/15 Kansas City, KS El Gigante L (DQ)
03/16 St. Louis, MOSting (cage)W
03/21 Tokyo, JPN Tatsumi Fujinami L
05/19St. Petersburg, FLRic FlairL
05/21 Sioux City, IA El Gigante L (COR)
05/24 Omaha, NE El Gigante L (DQ)
05/26 Atlanta, GA Brian Pillman W
05/31 Houston, TX El Gigante L (DQ)
06/03 Birmingham, AL Brian Pillman W (13min)
06/06 Norfolk, VA Brian Pillman W
06/07 Baltimore, MD El Gigante W (COR)
06/08 Philadelphia, PA El Gigante W (COR)
06/09 Cleveland, OH El Gigante L (7:42 DQ)
06/12 Knoxville, TN Bobby Eaton W (2-1)
06/22 Chicago, IL El Gigante W (5:39 COR)
Flair was stripped of the title on 1991/09/08 when Flair signs with WWF; NWA World Heavyweight Title is vacant for the first time in its history.

>> 1992