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The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1989 <<

01/01 Atlanta, GA Lex Luger W (DQ)
01/09 Saginaw, MI Lex Luger W
01/10 Toledo, OH Lex Luger W
01/11 Hammond, IN Lex Luger W
01/12 Cincinnati, OH Lex Luger W (DQ)
01/13 Charleston, WV Lex Luger W
01/14 Asheville, NC Lex Luger W
01/20 Baltimore, MD Lex Luger W
01/21 Richmond, VA Lex Luger W
01/22 Raleigh, NC Lex Luger W
01/23 Greenville, SC Tom Zenk W
01/26 Atlanta, GA Lex Luger W
01/30 Marietta, GA Tom Zenk W
02/02 Memphis, TN Lex Luger W
02/03 Springfield, MO Lex Luger W
02/04 Dallas, TX Lex Luger W
02/11 Knoxville, TN Lex Luger W (DQ)
02/15 Gainesville, GA Brian Pillman W
02/20 Ozark, MO Lex Luger L (DQ)
02/21 Birmingham, AL Lex Luger L (DQ)
02/23 Asheville, NC Lex Luger W (DQ)
02/25 Greensboro, NC Lex Luger W (COR)
02/26 Beckley, WV Tommy Rich W
03/05 Amarillo, TX Lex Luger L (DQ)
03/09 Savannah, GA Lex Luger
03/11 Atlanta, GA Lex Luger W
03/13 Columbus, GA Ricky Morton W
??? ??? Johnny Ace W
03/16 St. Petersburg, FL Lex Luger W
03/17 Daytona Beach, FL Lex Luger W
03/19 Ft. Pierce, FL Lex Luger W (DQ)
03/23 Chicago, IL Lex Luger W
03/24 St. Louis, MO Lex Luger W
03/25 Baltimore, MD Lex Luger W
03/29 Hampton, VA Lex Luger L (DQ)
03/30 Richmond, VA Lex Luger L (DQ)
04/01 Asheville, NC (aft) Lex Luger
04/01 Charlotte, NC (eve) Lex Luger
04/05 Charlottesville, VA Lex Luger L (DQ)
04/06 Washington, DC Lex Luger L (DQ)
04/07 Philadelphia, PA Lex Luger W
04/09 Atlanta, GALex Luger (cage)L
04/12 Kansas City, KS Lex Luger W (DQ)
04/14 Houston, TX Lex Luger L (DQ)
04/23 Marietta, GA Lex Luger NC
04/26 E. Rutherford, NJ Lex Luger L (DQ)
04/29 Greensboro, NC Lex Luger L (DQ)
04/30 Camp Lejune, NC Lex Luger
05/04 Boston, MA Lex Luger L (DQ)
05/05 St. Paul, MN Brian Pillman W
05/08 Halifax, NS, CAN Road Warrior Hawk L (DQ)
05/12 Detroit, MI Rick Steiner L (DQ)
05/13 Chicago, IL Road Warrior Hawk L (DQ)
05/16 Dayton, OH Brian Pillman W
05/19 Washington, DC Lex Luger (cage) L (DQ)
06/01 Pittsburgh, PA Lex Luger L (14:32 DQ)
06/02 Baltimore, MD Junkyard Dog L (DQ)
06/03 Altoona, PA Lex Luger  
06/02 Baltimore, MD Junkyard Dog L (DQ)
06/06 Columbia, SC Ricky Morton
06/07 Fayetteville, NC Junkyard Dog L
06/13 Charleston, SC Junkyard DogL (DQ)
07/07 Baltimore, MD Sting L
08/02 Columbus, GA Ric Flair W
08/03 Greensboro, NC Ric Flair W
08/04 Charleston, WV Ric Flair W
08/05 Roanoke, VA Ric Flair W
08/11 Detroit, MI Ric Flair W (23:23 DQ)
08/17 Jacksonville, FL Ric Flair
08/18 St. Petersburg, FL Ric Flair W (30min)
08/19 Columbus, GA (aft) Ric Flair
08/19 Atlanta, GA (eve) Ric Flair W (24:50)
08/24 E. Rutherford, NJ Ric Flair W (26:07)
08/25 Baltimore, MD Ric Flair W (26min)
08/26 Chicago, IL Ric Flair W
08/31 Augusta, GA Ric Flair W
09/05 Asheville, NC Black Scorpion (Al Perez) W
09/06 Tulsa, OK Ric Flair W (19:20)
09/08 St. Louis, MO Ric Flair W (25min)
09/09 Ft. Worth, TX Ric Flair W (30min)
09/10 Gainesville, GA Ric Flair W (13min)
09/11 Dayton, OH Ric Flair W
09/12 Canton, OH Ric Flair W
09/15 Detroit, MI Ric Flair W
10/27 Chicago, IL Sid Vicious W
12/16 St. Louis, MOBlack Scorpion (Ric Flair) (cage) W (18:31)
12/25 Atlanta, GA Ric Flair W (COR)
12/26 Nashville, TN Ric Flair W
12/27 Knoxville, TN Ric Flair W
12/28 Jacksonville, FL Ric Flair W
12/29 Philadelphia, PA Ric Flair W
12/30 Chicago, IL Ric Flair W (DQ)

>> 1991