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The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1987 <<

01/01 Atlanta, GA Michael Hayes W
01/02 Greensboro, NC Michael Hayes W (DQ)
01/03 Baltimore, MD Michael Hayes W
01/10 Columbus, OH Michael Hayes W
01/11 Fayetteville, NC    
01/14 Norfolk, VADusty Rhodes (cage)W
01/15 Richmond, VA Michael Hayes W
01/16 Philadelphia, PA Michael Hayes W
01/17 Charleston, SC (aft)Sting L (DQ)
01/17 St. Louis, MOMichael Hayes (cage)W
01/20 Honolulu, HI Nikita Koloff W
01/21 Los Angeles, CA Michael Hayes W
01/23 Cincinnati, OH Sting L (DQ)
01/24 Uniondale, NY Road Warrior Hawk L (DQ)
01/26 Raleigh, NC Barry Windham W
01/28 Hammond, IN Jimmy Garvin W
01/29 Pittsburgh, PA Sting L (DQ)
02/10 Johnson City, TN Sting L (DQ)
02/14 Chicago, IL (aft) Sting L (DQ)
02/14 Atlanta, GA (eve)Sting W
02/18 Sioux City, IA Dusty Rhodes W (DQ)
02/26 Cincinnati, OH Sting W
03/04 Houston, TX Sting W
03/06 St. Louis, MO Sting W
03/10 Baltimore, MD Sting W
03/12 Norfolk, VA (aft) Sting L (DQ)
03/12 Baltimore, MD (eve) Sting W
03/13 Columbus, OH (aft)Sting L (DQ)
03/13 Atlanta, GA (eve)Sting L (DQ)
03/15 Reno, NV Sting W
03/16 San Francisco, CA Sting W
03/17 Los Angeles, CA Sting W
03/18 Cincinnati, OH Sting NC
03/19 Chicago, IL Sting W
03/20 Peoria, IL Sting W
03/26 Richmond, VA Sting L (DQ)
03/27 Greensboro, NC StingD (45min)
04/01 Norfolk, VA Sting (cage) W
04/03 Atlanta, GA Sting W
04/08 Richmond, VA Sting W
04/09 Philadelphia, PA (aft)Sting L (DQ)
04/09 Baltimore, MD (eve)Sting W
04/16 Chicago, IL Sting W
04/19 Miami, FL Sting L (DQ)
04/22 Greenville, SC Nikita Koloff L (DQ)
04/23 Greensboro, NC Nikita KoloffL (DQ)
04/30 Detroit, MI Sting L (DQ)
05/01 Indianapolis, IN Sting W
05/06 Pittsburgh, PA Steve Williams L (DQ)
05/07 Baltimore, MD Sting W
05/08 Roanoke, VA Sting W
05/11 Miami, FL Steve Williams L (DQ)
05/12 Tallahassee, FL Nikita Koloff W
05/13 Houston, TX Sting (cage)W
05/14 Chicago, IL Sting L (DQ)
05/21 Richmond, VA Sting W
05/22 Atlanta, GA Steve Williams L (DQ)
05/26 Louisville, KY Sting W
05/27 St. Louis, MO Steve Williams L (DQ)
05/28 Charleston, WV Steve Williams L (DQ)
05/29 Greensboro, NC Steve Williams L (DQ)
06/24 Richmond, VA    
07/10 Baltimore, MD Lex Luger W (cuts)
08/12 Norfolk, VA Lex Luger L (DQ)
08/18 Raleigh, NC Lex Luger L (DQ)
08/19 Richmond, VA Lex Luger L (DQ)
08/20 Philadelphia, PA Lex Luger L (DQ)
08/26 Atlanta, GA Lex Luger L (DQ)
08/27 Charlotte, NC Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/02 Norfolk, VA Lex Luger L (COR)
09/03 Baltimore, MD Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/04 Detroit, MI Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/09 Houston, TX Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/10 Philadelphia, PA Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/11 Greensboro, NC Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/16 Richmond, VA Lex Luger NC
09/18 Roanoke, VA Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/20 Portland, OR David Sierra L (DQ)
09/24 Washington, DC Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/25 Atlanta, GA Lex Luger L (DQ)
09/30 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Lex Luger L (DQ)
10/02 Chicago, IL Lex Luger L (DQ)
10/04 Macon, GA Lex Luger L (DQ)
10/09 Greensboro, NC Lex Luger L (DQ)
10/16 Baltimore, MD Rick Steiner L (DQ)
10/20 Saginaw, MI Sting L (DQ)
10/21 Detroit, MI Sting L (DQ)
10/29 New Orleans, LA Lex Luger L (DQ)
11/01 Savannah, GA    
11/09 Greenwood, SC    
11/11 Pittsburgh, PA Lex Luger NC
11/12 Columbus, OH Dusty Rhodes W
11/13 Huntington, VA Sting L (DQ)
11/23 Baltimore, MD Rick Steiner W
12/06 Columbus, GA Masked Maniac W
12/08 Atlanta, GA    
12/12 Atlanta, GA    
12/15 Atlanta, GA    
12/25 Greenville, SC (aft)    
12/25 Charlotte, NC (eve) Eddie Gilbert W
12/26 Norfolk, VA Lex LugerW
12/27 Washington, DC Rick Steiner D
12/28 Chicago, IL Rick Steiner D
12/30 St. Louis, MO Rick Steiner W

>> 1989