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Last updated on 2011/05/30

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1986 <<

01/04Cincinnati, OHNikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/08Raleigh, NCNikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/10Philadelphia, PANikita KoloffNC
01/11Charlotte, NC (aft)Dusty RhodesL (DQ)
01/11Atlanta, GA (eve)Nikita KoloffNC
01/12Wichita, KS
01/13Columbia, SCBarry WindhamD
01/13Salina, KS
01/14Grand Rapids, MINikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/15Marquette, MI
01/16Hollywood, FLDusty RhodesW (DQ)
?????? (aft)Barry WindhamW
01/17Greensboro, NC (eve)Nikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/20 Fayetteville, NCBarry WindhamD
01/21Jacksonville, FLNikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/22Washington, DC (??)
01/22Raleigh, NCNikita KoloffNC
01/24Richmond, VANikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/28 Albuquerque, NM (aft)
01/28Odessa, TX (eve)Nikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/29Los Angeles, CANikita KoloffL (DQ)
01/30St. Louis, MOBarry WindhamW (DQ)
01/31Charleston, WVNikita KoloffD
02/01Atlanta, GABarry WindhamD
02/06Baltimore, MD (aft)Nikita KoloffNC
02/06Richmond, VANikita KoloffNC
02/07Greensboro, NCNikita KoloffNC
02/09Cincinnati, OHNikita KoloffD
02/12Raleigh, NCBarry WindhamW
02/14Charlotte, NCNikita KoloffW
02/15Hamilton, ON (aft)Nikita KoloffL (DQ)
02/15Toronto, ON (eve)Nikita KoloffL (DQ)
02/20Jacksonville, FLNikita KoloffNC
02/21Philadelphia, PABarry WindhamW
02/23Fayetteville, NCBarry WindhamW (DQ)
02/24Philadelphia, PABarry WindhamW
02/25Hammond, INBarry WindhamW
02/26Bloomington, INBarry WindhamW
02/27Pittsburgh, PANikita KoloffL (DQ)
03/01Richmond, VA (aft)Barry WindhamW
03/01Atlanta, GA (eve)Barry WindhamW
03/04Birmingham, AL
03/05Memphis, TN
03/07Akita, JPNYoshiaki YatsuD (DCOR)
03/08Tokyo, JPNTiger Mask (Misawa)W
03/10Koriyama, JPNJumbo TsurutaW (DQ)
03/12Tokyo, JPNHiroshi WajimaW
03/13Washington, DC
03/14Greensboro, NCBarry WindhamW
03/15 Daytona Beach, FL (aft)
03/15Bloomington, IN (eve)Barry WindhamW
03/18Las Cruces, NMNikita KoloffL (DQ)
03/19 Inglewood, CABarry WindhamW
03/20Albuquerque, NMBarry WindhamW
03/21Chicago, ILNikita KoloffNC
03/22Waco, TXNikita KoloffL (DQ)
03/25San Francisco, CANikita KoloffL (DQ)
03/26Amarillo, TX
03/27Atlanta, GABrad ArmstrongW
03/28Philadelphia, PABrad ArmstrongW
03/29Asheville, NCBrad ArmstrongW
04/03Greensboro, NCDusty RhodesL (DQ)
04/04Boston, MABarry WindhamW
04/05Atlanta, GAJimmy GarvinW (DQ)
04/08Miami Beach, FLWahoo McDanielW
04/11Baltimore, MDBarry WindhamW
04/18Norfolk, VA
04/19 Huntington, VA (aft)
04/19 Orlando, FL (eve)Mike RotundoW
04/20 Fayetteville, NC (aft)Dusty RhodesL (DQ)
04/22Los Angeles, CABrad ArmstrongW
04/23San Francisco, CANikita KoloffNC
04/24Chicago, ILDusty RhodesW (DQ)
04/25Greensboro, NCJimmy GarvinW (DQ)
04/28Tampa, FLBarry WindhamL (DQ)
04/29Ft. Lauderdale, FLMike RotundoW
04/30Birmingham, ALDusty RhodesL (DQ)
05/01Atlanta, GAJimmy GarvinW
05/02Chattanooga, TN
05/03Cincinnati, OH (aft)Jimmy GarvinW (DQ)
05/03Charleston, WV (eve)Jimmy GarvinW (DQ)
05/06Miami Beach, FLJimmy Garvin W (DQ)
05/07Waldorf, MDBrad ArmstrongW
05/08Baltimore, MDJimmy GarvinL (DQ)
05/09St. Petersburg, FLDusty RhodesW (DQ)
05/10Orlando, FLMike RotundoW
05/13Ft. Lauderdale, FLJimmy GarvinW
05/17Daytona Beach, FLJimmy GarvinW
05/21Tallahassee, FLDusty RhodesL (DQ)
05/22Jacksonville, FLMike RotundoW
05/23Atlanta, GA
05/25Beckley, WV
05/27Oklahoma City, OKJimmy Garvin
05/29 Gainesville, FL Dusty Rhodes  
05/30Philadelphia, PAJimmy GarvinW (DQ)
05/31Asheville, NCNikita KoloffL (DQ)
06/01W. Palm Beach, FLMike RotundoW
06/04Raleigh, NC
06/11Cincinnati, OHJimmy Garvin (cage)W
06/12Norfolk, VAJimmy Garvin (cage)W
06/13Baltimore, MDJimmy Garvin (cage)W
06/14Charlotte, NCJimmy GarvinW
06/20Houston, TXMichael HayesW
06/23Albuquerque, NMBarry Windham(canceled)
06/27Philadelphia, PA (aft)Jimmy GarvinW
06/27 Fayetteville, NCRon GarvinL (DQ)
07/01Lakeland, FLDusty RhodesW
07/05Charleston, WVDusty RhodesW (DQ)
07/11Greensboro, NCJimmy Garvin (cage)W
07/13W. Palm Beach, FLDusty RhodesW (DQ)
07/14Key West, FL
07/18Charlotte, NCRoad Warrior HawkW (DQ)
07/19Chicago, ILRoad Warrior AnimalL (DQ)
07/19 Chicago, IL (eve)
07/23Dallas, TXNikita KoloffW
07/24Houston, TXDusty RhodesNC
07/26Daytona Beach, FLMike RotundoW
07/27 Fayetteville, NCRon GarvinL (DQ)
07/30Jacksonville, FL
08/01Richmond, VARon GarvinL (DQ)
08/07St. Louis, MOMichael HayesW
08/08Kansas City, KSBarry WindhamW
08/09Atlanta, GARon GarvinW (DQ)
08/13Raleigh, NCRon GarvinNC
08/14Norfolk, VARon GarvinW (DQ)
08/15Baltimore, MDRon GarvinD
08/17Denver, CODusty RhodesW (DQ)
08/20Cincinnati, OHRon GarvinW (DQ)
08/22Greensboro, NCRon GarvinW
08/23Chattanooga, TN (aft)Jimmy GarvinW
08/26Miami Beach, FLRon Garvin D (DCOR)
08/29Houston, TXBarry WindhamW
08/30Charlotte, NC (aft)Ron GarvinW
08/30Atlanta, GA (eve)Ron GarvinW
09/04Richmond, VARon GarvinW
09/05Philadelphia, PA (aft)Ron GarvinW
09/11Charleston, SCRon GarvinW
09/12St. Louis, MORon GarvinNC
09/13Dallas, TXRon GarvinNC
09/18Pittsburgh, PARon GarvinNC
09/19Charlotte, NCRon GarvinW
09/20Chicago, IL (aft)Ron GarvinNC
09/20Roanoke, VA (eve)Ron GarvinW
09/23Inglewood, CARon GarvinNC
09/24Las Vegas, NVRon GarvinW
09/25Detroit, MIRon GarvinL
09/27Greensboro, NCBubba Rogers (non-title?)W
10/03Charlotte, NCIvan Koloff (non-title?)W
10/07Cleveland, OHTully Blanchard (non-title?)W (DQ)
10/08Hammond, INRic FlairW
10/09St. Louis, MORic FlairW
10/11Columbus, OH (aft)Ric FlairW
10/11Cincinnati, OH (eve)Ric FlairW
10/16Kansas City, KSRic FlairW
10/17Baltimore, MDRic FlairW
11/21Washington, DCArn Anderson (non-title?)W
11/26Chicago, ILRic FlairL
11/28St. Petersburg, FLRon GarvinW
12/02Miami Beach, FLMichael HayesW
12/06Charlotte, NC (eve)StingW
12/07 Lafayette, LAStingW
12/10Raleigh, NCJimmy GarvinNC
12/11Houston, TXStingW
12/12Baltimore, MD (aft)Michael HayesL (DQ)
12/12Greensboro, NC (eve)StingW
12/13Albany, GA (aft)Ron GarvinW
12/13Cincinnati, OH (eve)StingW
12/25Charlotte, NC (aft)Michael HayesL (DQ)
12/25Atlanta, GA (eve)Barry WindhamNC
12/26Richmond, VA (aft)Barry WindhamNC
12/26Philadelphia, PA (eve)StingW
12/27Charleston, SC (aft)Michael HayesW
12/27Norfolk, VA (eve)Michael HayesW (DQ)
12/28St. Louis, MOStingW
12/29Albuquerque, NM
12/30Chicago, ILStingW

>> 1988

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