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Last updated on 2014/02/01

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1974 <<

01/03 St. Louis, MO Dick the Bruiser W (DQ)
01/04 St. Petersburg, FL Mongolian Stomper W
01/06 W. Palm Beach, FL Dory Funk Jr. W (DQ)
01/07 Tampa, FL Bill Watts  
01/08 Lubbock, TX Dick Murdoch W (COR)
01/08 Miami, FL Dory Funk Jr. W (DQ)
01/09 Jacksonville, FL Dory Funk Jr.  
01/10 Abilene, TX Terry Funk W
01/13 El Paso, TX Dick Murdoch W (COR)
01/14 Odessa, TX Killer Karl Kox
01/15 Miami Beach, FL Dory Funk Jr. W (DQ)
01/16 Amarillo, TX Dick Murdoch W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
01/17 Tallahassee, FL Mongolian Stomper  
01/20 Memphis, TN Steve Kovacs W
01/22 Nashville, TN Don Kent  
01/24 Knoxville, TN Nelson Royal D
01/25 St. Petersburg, FL Dory Funk Jr. W
01/30 Greensboro, NC Wahoo McDaniel W (32min DQ)
02/03 Memphis, TN Jerry Lawler W
02/06 Kansas City, KS Omar Atlas W (2-1)
02/07 St. Louis, MO Dory Funk Jr. W
02/11 Tampa, FL Dick Murdoch  
02/12 Miami Beach, FL Mongolian Stomper W
02/14 Tallahassee, FL Buddy Colt  
02/15 Sarasota, FL Mongolian Stomper  
02/20 Greensboro, NC Wahoo McDaniel W (21min pin)
02/21 Atlanta, GA Assassin #2 W (reversed)
02/22 St. Petersburg, FL Bob Roop W (DQ)
02/28 St. Joseph, MO Jerry Oates  
03/09 Hakodate, JPN Giant Baba D (1-1, DCOR)
03/11 Nagoya, JPN Jumbo Tsuruta W
03/12 Fujinomiya, JPN The Destroyer W
03/13 Tokyo, JPN Bobo Brazil W (DQ)
03/22 Detroit, MI Stan Stasiak W
03/23 Toronto, ON Stan Stasiak W
03/24 Toledo, OH Abdullah the Butcher  
03/27 Corpus Christi, TX Terry Funk  
??? ??? Rufus R. Jones D
??? Memphis, TN Lou Thesz W
??? Savannah, GA Dusty Rhodes W
??? Albuquerque, NM Terry Funk W
??? Houston, TX Dory Funk Jr. W
??? Kansas City, KS Harley Race W
??? Houston, TX Jose Lothario W
??? Edmonton, AB Curtis Iaukea W
04/01 Tampa, FL Mongolian Stomper W
04/02 Miami, FL Bob Roop W (DQ)
04/05 Greensboro, NC Wahoo McDaniel
??? Corpus Christi, TX Jose Lothario W
??? Corpus Christi, TX Jose Lothario D
04/14 Memphis, TN Ron Fuller W (DQ)
04/19 St. Petersburg, FL Terry Funk W
04/21 W. Palm Beach, FL Mongolian Stomper W (DQ)
04/23 Miami Beach, FL Harley Race W (DQ)
04/24 Jacksonville, FL Bob Roop  
04/27 Knoxville, TN Ron Fuller W (DQ)
04/27 Shreveport, LA Paul Jones W
04/28 Memphis, TN Ron Fuller W (DQ)
04/29 Tampa, FL Bob Roop  
04/30 Miami Beach, FL Harley Race  
05/01 Jacksonville, FL Mongolian Stomper  
05/06 Miami Beach, FL Dory Funk Jr. L (DQ)
05/08 Amarillo, TX Red Bastien L (DQ)
??? San Francisco, CA Lonnie Mayne W
05/12 Vancouver, BC Seigfried Steinke W
05/17 St. Petersburg, FL Harley Race D (DCOR)
05/19 El Paso, TX Ciclon Negro
05/20 Miami Beach, FL Mr. Wrestling W
05/21 Lubbock, TX Ricky Romero W (DQ)
05/22 Amarillo, TX Dory Funk D (1-1; DCOR in 3rd)
05/23 Atlanta, GA Dory Funk Jr. W
05/26 Augusta, GA Abdullah The Butcher
05/30 Atlanta, GA Mr. Wrestling I W
06/02 Memphis, TN Ron Fuller W
06/06 Atlanta, GA Abdullah the Butcher
??? ??? Bill Dromo W
06/11 San Antonio, TX Dory Funk Jr. W
06/12 Corpus Christi, TX Dory Funk, Jr.  
06/14 St. Petersburg, FL Tim Woods W
06/17 Raleigh, NC Paul Jones
06/17 Norfolk, VA Sonny King
06/20 St. Louis, MO Dick the Bruiser  
06/21 Lakeland, FL Bob Roop  
06/23 W. Palm Beach, FL Bob Roop  
06/24 Tampa, FL Johnny Valentine W
06/25 Miami Beach, FL Bob Roop W (DQ)
06/26 Jacksonville, FL Bob Roop  
06/27 Tallahassee, FL Roger Kirby  
06/28 Sarasota, FL Harley Race W (DQ)
07/04 Calgary, AB Dan Kroffat W
07/11 Calgary, AB Curtis Iaukea L (DQ)
07/14 Vancouver, BC Dale Lewis W (DQ)
07/16 Seattle, WA Jimmy Snuka W
07/20 Asheville, NC Wahoo McDaniel
07/21 Ft. Worth, TX Al Madril W (DQ)
07/26 Colorado Springs, CO Dory Funk Jr. D
07/28 Jacksonville, FL Harley Race  
07/29 Odessa, TX Terry Funk  
07/30 Lubbock, TX Killer Brooks W (DQ)
07/31 Amarillo, TX Terry Funk D (60min)
08/08 St. Louis, MO Giant Baba W
08/11 W. Palm Beach, FL Harley Race W
08/12 Tampa, FL Cyclon Negro W
08/13 Miami Beach, FL Rocky Johnson W
08/14 Jacksonville, FL Rocky Johnson  
08/16 St. Petersburg, FL Abdullah The Butcher W (DQ)
??? ??? Ivan Koloff D
08/22 Houston, TX Superstar Billy Graham W (DQ)
??? Atlanta, GA Buddy Colt W
08/29 Atlanta, GA Bob Backlund W
09/01 Vancouver, BC Gene Kiniski L (DQ)
09/03 Des Moines, IA Ed Wiskowski  
??? St. Louis, MO Edouard Carpentier W
??? St. Louis, MO Ivan Putski W
09/08 W. Palm Beach, FL Harley Race  
09/09 Tampa, FL Bob Roop D
09/10 Miami Beach, FL Bob Roop W (DQ)
09/12 Tallahassee, FL Harley Race  
09/13 St. Petersburg, FL Bill Watts W
??? Knoxville, TN Ron Wright W
??? St. Louis, MO Terry Funk W
??? St. Louis, MO Hans Schmidt W
??? Amarillo, TX Terry Funk W
??? Los Angeles, CA Greg Valentine W
09/29 Memphis, TN Mongolian Stomper W (DQ)
10/03 St. Louis, MO Rocky Johnson W
10/05 Asheville, NC Wahoo McDaniel
10/06 Charlotte, NC Paul Jones W (2-1 DQ)
10/07 Raleigh, NC Wahoo McDaniel W
10/09 Norfolk, VA Paul Jones
10/11 Greensboro, NC Dory Funk Jr. W
10/13 Vancouver, BC Don Leo Jonathan W
10/22 San Antonio, TX Buddy Wolfe W (DQ)
10/27 Orlando, FL Bob Roop W (DQ)
10/28 Halifax, NS Leo BurkeD
11/03 W. Palm Beach, FL Harley Race W
11/04 Tampa, FL Curtis Iaukea W
11/05 Miami Beach, FL Larry Hennig W
11/07 Tallahassee, FL Bob Roop  
11/11 Shreveport, LA Killer Karl Kox W (DQ)
??? Oklahoma City, OK Rene Goulet W
??? ??? Jimmy Golden D
??? ??? Dory Funk Jr. D
??? Calgary, AB Curtis Iaukea W
??? San Francisco, CA Pat Patterson L (DQ)
??? St. Louis, MO Gene Kiniski W
??? Amarillo, TX Dick Murdoch W (DQ)
??? W. Palm Beach, FL Bob Roop D
??? Houston, TX Dory Funk Jr. W
??? Raleigh, NC Paul Jones D
??? ??? Abdullah the Butcher W
??? MS Toru Tanaka W
11/21 St. Louis, MO Rocky Johnson D (1-1 time limit)
11/22 Lakeland, FL Bob Roop  
11/24 Greenville, SC Paul Jones W (DQ)
11/25 Columbia, SC Wahoo McDaniel
11/27 Greensboro, NC Wahoo McDaniel L (COR)
11/28 Charleston, SC Rufus R. Jones
11/30 Toronto, ON Spiros Arion L (DQ)
12/03 Des Moines, IA Jerry Oates  
12/05 Atlanta, GA The Spoiler W
12/10 Miami Beach, FL Terry Funk L
12/11 Kansas City, KS Jerry Oates W
12/12 St. Joseph, MO Ed Wiskoski W (2-1)
12/13 Des Moines, IA Jerry Oates  
12/15 Orlando, FL Rocky Johnson W
12/16 Tampa, FL Jack Brisco W
12/17 Miami Beach, FL Cyclon Negro W
12/18 Jacksonville, FL Cyclon Negro  
12/19 Atlanta, GA Jack Brisco W
12/23 Tampa, FL Dusty Rhodes W (DQ)
12/26 Atlanta, GA The Spoiler
12/30 ??? Mr. Wrestling II W
12/31 ??? Dick Slater W

>> 1976

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