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Last updated on 2014/04/08

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1965 <<

01/02 Topeka, KS Bob Geigel W
01/03 Wichita, KS The Viking (Bob Morse) W
01/04 Kansas City, KS Bobo Brazil W
01/05 Des Moines, IA Bob Geigel W
01/07 St. Louis, MO Gene Kiniski L
01/08 Chicago, IL Dick the Bruiser W
01/13 Ft. Wayne, IN Dick the Bruiser W
01/17 W. Palm Beach, FL Ron Etchison W
01/18 Tampa, FL Dan Miller W
01/19 Eau Gallie, FL Don Curtis  
01/20 Ft. Myers, FL Don Curtis W
01/21 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Rocky Hamilton  
01/22 Miami, FL Eddie Graham  
01/24 Greenville, SC Abe Jacobs W
01/25 Raleigh, NC Abe Jacobs W
01/27 Greensboro, NC Hans Schmidt W
01/28 Richmond, VA Ike Eakins
01/29 Roanoke, VA Abe Jacobs (card cancelled)
01/31 Tampa, FL Eddie Graham W
02/01 Orlando, FL Klondike Bill W
02/03 Jacksonville, FL Bob Orton D (60min)
02/04 St. Louis, MO Bob Ellis W
02/07 Tampa, FL Rocky Hamilton
02/11 St. Joseph, MO Pat O'Connor W (1-0 60min)
02/14 Vancouver, BC Lou Thesz W
02/15 Seattle, WA Stan Stasiak W
02/17 (aft) Everett, WA Shag Thomas D
02/17 (eve) Salem, OR Bearcat Wright W
02/18 Portland, OR Billy White Wolf W
02/19 Winnipeg, MB Don Leo Jonathan D (60min)
02/21 Vancouver, BC Bill Dromo W
02/23 London, ON Johnny Powers W
02/24 Toronto, ON Johnny Powers W
02/28 Memphis, TN Wilbur Snyder W (2-1, COR)
02/ ??? Bulldog Brower
03/01 Nashville, TN Sonny Myers W
03/03 Chattanooga, TN Sam Steamboat W
03/08 Dallas, TX Fritz Von Erich D (1-1 60min)
03/14 Ft. Worth, TX Karl Kox W
03/15 Kansas City, MO Cowboy Bob Ellis W
03/21 Memphis, TN Lou Thesz D (time limit)
03/23 Nashville, TN Wilbur Snyder W
03/25 Ft. Wayne, IN Moose Cholak W
03/28 Memphis, TN Sailor Art Thomas W
04/01 St. Louis, MO Fritz Von Erich W
04/05 Macon, GA Choo-Choo Lynn W
04/08 Atlanta, GA Klondike Bill W
04/12 Kansas City, KS Mongolian Stomper W
04/15 Portland, OR Stan Stasiak W
04/16 Winnipeg, MB Billy Watson W (COR)
04/18 Vancouver, BC Bearcat Wright D
04/20 Seattle, WA Bearcat Wright W
04/22 Spokane, WA Stan Stasiak W (2-1)
04/25 Vancouver, BC Bearcat Wright W
04/27 Seattle, WA Stan Stasiak W (COR)
04/28 Salem, OR Billy White Wolf W
04/29 Portland, OR Don Leo Jonathan D
05/02 Abilene, TX Don Jardine W (2-1)
05/05 Amarillo, TX Fritz Von Erich W (2-1; COR in 3rd)
05/10 Dallas, TX Fritz Von Erich W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
05/11 San Antonio, TX Billy Red Lyons W
05/17 Kansas City, MO The Stomper W (2-1)
05/20 St. Joseph, MO Ron Reed W (2-1)
05/23 Abilene, TX Ernie Ladd D (1-1, DDQ)
05/26 Amarillo, TX Dan Miller W
05/27 Colvis, NM Ricky Romero  
05/29 Toronto, ON Ernie Ladd  
05/31 Hamilton, ON Johnny Powers D
06/03 St. Louis, MO Lou Thesz D (time limit)
06/06 Greenville, SC Abe Jacobs W
06/07 Raleigh, NC Abe Jacobs W
06/09 Greensboro, NC Karl Gotch W
06/10 Richmond, VA Karl Gotch  
06/11 Spartanburg, SC Paul DeMarco  
06/13 Orlando, FL Buddy Fuller W
06/14 Tampa, FL Bob Orton
06/15 Eau Gallie, FL Klondike Bill
06/16 Jacksonville, FL Pat O'Connor W
06/17 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Jose Lothario
06/18 Mimami Beach Wahoo McDaniel
06/20 Orlando, FL Wahoo McDaniel W
06/21 Tampa, FL Don McClarty W (COR)
06/22 Eau Gallie, FL Tarzan Tyler
06/23 Jacksonville, FL Lou Thesz D (time limit)
06/24 Atlanta, GA Buddy Fuller W (DQ)
07/01 Atlanta, GA Buddy Fuller W
07/04 Ft. Worth, TX Fritz Von Erich W (DQ)
07/05 Odessa, TX Art Nelson  
07/07 Amarillo, TX Mike DiBiase W
07/08 Houston, TX Fritz Von Erich W (DQ)
07/09 Indianapolis, IN Ernie Ladd W
07/18 Vancouver, BC John Tolos D
07/19 Victoria, BC Pat Barrett W
07/22 Salem, OR Tony Borne W
07/25 Vancouver, BC John TolosW
07/26 Seattle, WA Don Jardine W
07/27 Portland, OR Don Jardine W (DQ)
07/28 Soap Lake, WA Haystack Calhoun W
07/29 Portland, OR Dutch Savage W (DQ)
08/01 Orlando, FL Eddie Graham W (DQ)
08/02 Tampa, FL Lou Thesz D
08/03 Sarasota, FL Jose Lothario
08/05 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Don Curtis
08/06 Tampa, FL Bruce Austin W
08/06 W. Palm Beach, FL Eddie Graham D (COR)
08/14 Tampa, FL Don Curtis
08/15 Orlando, FL Eddie Graham W
08/16 Tampa, FL Don Curtis W
08/17? Eau Gallie, FL Mike Paidousis
08/17 Jacksonville, FL Jose Lothario W
08/20 Indianapolis, IN Dick the Bruiser D (60min)
Double title match with WWA World champion.
08/23 Dallas, TX Waldo Von Erich W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
08/24 San Antonio, TX Fritz Von Erich NC
08/26 Houston, TX Fritz Von Erich W
08/30 Columbia, SC Johnny Weaver  
09/01 Greensboro, NC Lou Thesz W (2-1)
09/02 Richmond, VA Tex McKenzie W
09/03 Spartanburg, SC Johnny Weaver W
09/05 Memphis, TN Al Costello W
09/08 Chattanooga, TN Ron Etchison W
09/12 Birmingham, AL Al Costello
09/14 Nashville, TN Jackie Fargo W (DQ)
09/15 Chattanooga, TN Luke Graham W
09/16 St. Louis, MO Dory Funk Jr. W
09/17 Seattle, WA Lou Thesz D (1-1, 60min)
09/19 Vancouver, BC Don Leo Jonathan D (time limit)
09/22 Jacksonville, FL Lou Thesz W
09/23 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Les Welch
09/24 Hiram Bithorn, PR Lou Thesz
09/26 Orlando, FL Eddie Graham D
09/27 Tampa, FL Hiro Matsuda W
09/28 Eau Gallie, FL Sam Steamboat
09/29 Jacksonville, FL Jose Lothario W
09/30 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Les Welch
10/04 Kansas City, MO Dick the Bruiser W
10/08 Seattle, WA John Tolos D (1-1, 60min)
10/14 Atlanta, GA Butcher Vachon W (DQ)
10/16 Lubbock, TX Lou Thesz W
10/18 Savannah, GA Bobby Shane
10/23 Toronto, ON Edouard Carpentier W
10/30 Toronto, ON Whipper Billy Watson W (COR)
11/04 St. Joseph, MO Joe Hamilton W (2-1)
11/08 Dallas, TX Fritz Von Erich D (1-1; DCOR in 3rd)
11/09 San Antonio, TX Dick the Bruiser W (DQ)
11/10 Brownwood, TX Dory Funk Jr. D
11/16 Lubbock, TX Lou Thesz D (60min)
11/17 Amarillo, TX Dory Funk Jr. D
11/18 Houston, TX Waldo Von Erich W (DQ)
11/21 Charlotte, NC Tex McKenzie
11/22 Raleigh, NC Johnny Weaver
11/24 Greensboro, NC Missouri Mauler W (2-1)
11/25 St. Louis, MO Dick the Bruiser W
11/26 Seattle, WA Don Leo Jonathan D (time limit)
11/28 Vancouver, BC John Tolos W
12/01 Salem, OR Shag Thomas W
12/02 Portland, OR Pat Patterson W
12/04 Toronto, ON Edouard Carpentier W
12/10 Atlanta, GA Lou Thesz D (time limit)
12/18 Toronto, ON Edouard Carpentier D

>> 1967

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