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Last updated on 2016/03/09

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1956 <<

Lou Thesz [2]

01/06 Honolulu, HI Tom Rice W
01/14 Wichita, KS Haystack Calhoun W
01/15 Minneapolis, MN Hard Boiled Haggerty W (22:15 DQ)
01/18 St. Louis, MO Billy Watson W
01/19 Des Moines, IA Bob Geigel D
01/20 Waterloo, IA Yukon Eric W
01/22 Sioux City, IA Yukon Eric W
01/23 St. Petersburg, FL Dick the Bruiser W
01/25 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Hard Boiled Haggerty D
01/26 St. Paul, MN Ivan Kalmikoff D (DCOR)
02/04 Tampa, FL Buddy Rogers W
02/05 Lake Worth, FL Wilbur Snyder W
02/06 St. Petersburg, FL Ray Villmer W
02/14 Ft. Lauderdale, FL Don Leo Jonathan W
02/21 Amarillo, TX Ray Gunkel W
02/22 St. Louis, MO Edouard Carpentier W (COR)
02/25 Ft. Worth, TX Don Evans W
02/26 Dallas, TX Bobby Managoff W
02/27 Corpus Christi, TX Luis Martinez W
02/28 San Antonio, TX El Medico W
03/01 Houston, TX Pepper Gomez D (1-1 90min)
03/12 Edmonton, AB, CAN Johnny Valentine W
03/13 Saskatoon, SK, CAN Johnny Valentine W
03/14 Regina, SK, CAN Chet Wallick W
03/15 Calgary, AB, CAN Vince Lopez W
03/20 Evansville, IN Buddy Rogers W (2-1 DQ)
03/21 Indianapolis, IN Zebra Kid D (1-1 60min)
03/22 St. Louis, MO Fritz Von Erich W (DQ)
03/27 Los Angeles, CA Nick Bockwinkel W (2-0)
04/02 San Francisco, CA Hombre Montana W
04/04 Amarillo, TX Don Curtis D (1-1 90min)
04/05 St. Louis, MO Fritz Von Erich W
04/08 Memphis, TN Zebra Kid W (2-1)
04/10 Evansville, IN Bob McCune W (2-1)
04/11 Indianapolis, IN Buddy Rogers D (1-1 DCOR)
04/12 Buffalo, NY Gene Kiniski W (DQ)
04/22 Ft. Worth, TX Rito Romero W
04/23 Dallas, TX Pepper Gomez W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
04/25 San Antonio, TX Ray Gunkel W
04/26 Atlanta, GA Red McIntyre W
04/29 Waco, TX Joe Christie W
04/30 Dallas, TX Pepper Gomez W (2-1)
05/01 Corpus Christi, TX Rito Romero W
05/02 San Antonio, TX Le Masque (Ray Gunkel) W
05/03 Houston, TX Don Leo Jonathan W (DQ)
05/14 Minneapolis, MN Butch Levy W
05/15 London, ON, CAN Billy Watson D
05/16 Toronto, ON, CAN Gene Kiniski D (32:58, curfew)
05/17 Buffalo, NY Billy Watson D
05/18 Chicago, IL Lou Plummer W
05/20 Sacramento, CA Hombre Montana W
05/21 San Francisco, CA Leo Nomellini D
05/22 Los Angeles, CA Sky Hi Lee W (DQ)
05/23 Chico, CA Enrique Torres W
05/26 Honolulu, HI Bobo Brazil W
06/02 Honolulu, HI Toyonobori W
06/09 Honolulu, HI Al Lolotai D
06/14 Chicago, IL Edouard Carpentier L (DQ)


06/19 Montreal, QC, CAN Tosh Togo W (DQ)
06/20 Ottawa, ON, CAN Tosh Togo W (DQ)
07/08 Ft. William, ON, CAN Ivan Kalmikoff W
07/10 Madison, WI The Shiek W (DQ)
07/12 Chicago, IL Dick the Bruiser W
07/15 Stamford, CT Roy Shire W
07/16 Baltimore, MD Hans Schmidt W
07/17 Washington, DC Roy Shire W
07/19 Newark, NJ (or DE?) Karl Von Hess (non-title?) W
07/24 Montreal, QC, CAN Lou Thesz L (DQ)
07/27 Milwaukee, WI Antonino Rocca D
07/29 Augusta, GA Bob Langevin W
08/03 Chicago, IL Reggie Lisowski W (2-1)
08/07 Montreal, QC, CAN Wladek Kowalski NC
08/12 Freeport, NY Roy Shire (non-title?) W
08/13 Baltimore, MD Jerry Graham W
08/15 Washington, DC Karl Von Hess (non-title?) W
08/16 Chicago, IL Lou Thesz D (1-1 60min)
08/24 Chicago, IL The Sheik of Araby W
08/30 Atlanta, GA Freddie Blassie W
09/02 Augusta, GA Kurt Von Brawner
09/06 Atlanta, GA Freddie Blassie W
09/10 Baltimore, MD Danny McShain W (25min UTC)
09/11 Montreal, QC, CAN Gene Kiniski W (CO)
09/13 Chicago, IL Hans Schmidt W (2-1 UTC)
09/18 Montreal, QC, CAN Dick the Bruiser NC
09/21 Chicago, IL The Sheik of Araby W
10/02 Montreal, QC, CAN Gene Kiniski W
10/04 Chicago, IL Antonino Rocca L (UTC)
Rocca refuses title since Carpentia has a brokwn ankle.

Carpentier withdraws his claim to the title when his manager and Montreal promoter Eddie Quinn resigns from the NWA, which gives the title back to Thesz on 57/08/25.


06/17 Memphis, TN Mighty Ursus  
06/19 Evansville, IN Bobby Managoff W (2-1 DQ)
06/20 Indianapolis, IN Wilbur Snyder (cancelled)  
06/25Odessa, TXDanny Plechas W (2-0)
06/26Wichita Falls, TXBob GeigelW
06/27Amarillo, TXDory FunkD
07/01Seattle, WAHerb FreemanW
07/02 Spokane, WADoug DonovanW
07/03 Vancouver, BC, CANDick HuttonW (DQ)
07/04 Honolulu, HIToyonoboriW
07/06Fairbanks, AKSandor SzaboD
07/09 Calgary, AB, CANBilly WatsonD
07/10 Edmonton, AB, CANGene KiniskiW
07/11 Regina, SK, CANGene KiniskiW
07/12 Saskatoon, SK, CANBilly WatsonD
07/16 Tacoma, WADoug DonovanW
07/20 Houston, TXDon Leo JonathanW
07/24Montreal, QC, CANEdouard CarpentierW (DQ)
08/01Amarillo, TXDory Funk W (COR in 3rd)
08/05Ft. Worth, TXRay GunkelW
08/06Dallas, TXDon Leo Jonathan W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
08/07 Corpus Christi, TX Pepper Gomez W
08/08Galveston, TXLuther Lindsay D (DKO in 3rd)
08/09Houston, TXEl Medico W (2-1 DQ)
08/15Indianapolis, INWilbur SnyderNC
08/16Chicago, ILEdouard CarpentierD
08/20Dallas, TXDon Leo JonathanW
08/21Corpus Christi, TXEl Medico W (UTC in 3rd)
08/23St. Louis, MOPat O'Connor NC
NWA gives the title back to Thesz on 57/08/25.
08/29Sydney, AUSRicky WaldoW
08/31 Melbourne, AUSLord BlearsNC
09/02Brisbane, AUSRicky WaldoW
09/05Sydney, AUSLord BlearsW
09/07Melbourne, AUSSky Hi LeeW
09/09Brisbane, AUSLord BlearsW
09/14Melbourne, AUSLord BlearsW
09/16Brisbane, AUSSky Hi LeeW (DQ)
09/18Sydney, AUSSky Hi LeeW
09/21Melbourne, AUSJesse JamesW
09/28 SINKing Kong CzajaW
10/07Tokyo, JPNRikidozanD
10/13Osaka, JPNRikidozanD (1-1, DCOR)
10/27Honolulu, HISky Hi LeeW
11/03Honolulu, HISky Hi LeeD
11/01Ottawa, ON, CANHard Boild HaggertyW (DQ)
11/12Minneapolis, MNBuddy RogersD (60min)
11/14Toronto, ON, CANDick HuttonL

11/22St. Louis, MOLou Thesz D (27:46)
12/02Sacramento, CABen SharpeW
12/03San Francisco, CAOyama Kato W (2-0)
12/04Buffalo, NYGene KiniskiW
12/05Toronto, ON, CANYukon EricW
12/06Winnipeg, MB, CANMr. HitoW
12/07St. Paul, MNKinji Shibuya W (21:35)
12/10Minneapolis, MNHard Boiled HaggertyD (60min)
12/11 Evansville, IN Bobby Managoff W (2-1)
12/13Houston, TXBill MelbyW
12/16Ft. Worth, TXPepper GomezW
12/17 Dallas, TX Luther Lindsay W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
12/19San Antonio, TXRoberto Pico W (2-0)
12/20Houston, TXDon Leo JonathanW
12/23Tulsa, OKKarol KrauserW
12/27St. Louis, MOPat O'ConnorW

>> 1958