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Last updated on 2014/08/25

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1954 <<

Lou Thesz
01/01 St. Louis, MO Frank Taylor W
01/03 Kansas City, KS Ray Villmer NC
01/04 Nashville, TN Sonny Myers W
01/07 Houston, TX Polo Torres D
01/10 Ft. Worth, TX Ray Gunkel NC
01/13 Kansas City, KS Ray Villmer NC
01/14 St. Louis, MO Hans Schmidt W
01/14 St. Joseph, MO Bill Longson W (2-1)
01/15 St. Louis, MO Wilbur Snyder (sub Bill Miller) W (37:00)
01/17 Omaha, NE Yukon Eric W
01/18 Minneapolis, MN Hard Boiled Haggerty D (60min)
01/22 Chicago, IL Charro Azteca W
01/25 Kansas City, KS Ray Villmer W
01/26 Waterloo, IA Art Neilson W
01/29 Moline, IL Art Neilson W
01/30 Indianapolis, IN Ray Gunkel D
01/31 Phoenix, AZ Gene Kiniski W
02/01 El Paso, TX Dave Sims W
02/02 Los Angeles, CA Wilbur Snyder W (2-1)
02/04 St. Louis, MO Wladek Kowalski W
02/09 Washington, DC Frank Jares W
02/14 Tampa, FL Antonino Rocca W
02/15 Baltimore, MD Hans Hermann W
02/18 Miami, FL Antonino Rocca W
02/25 Miami, FL Baron Leone W
02/26 Chicago, IL Don Leo Jonathan W
02/28 Ft. Worth, TX Ray Gunkel W
03/02 San Antonio, TX Bull Curry W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
03/04 St. Louis, MO Wilbur Snyder W (DQ)
03/07 Memphis, TN Gorgeous Geoge W
03/08 Peoria, IL Dick Hutton W
03/15 Little Rock, AR Ed Francis W
03/18 Houston, TX Ray Gunkel W
03/22 San Francisco, CA Leo Nomellini L (DQ)
Nomellini is billed as champion by some promoters until he loses to Thesz in St. Louis on 07/15 (defends on 05/10 in El Paso, TX against Jim Wright).
03/24 Salt Lake City, UT Joe Tangaro D
03/25 St. Louis, MO Wilbur Snyder D (90min)
03/29 Sioux City, IA Hans Schmidt W
03/30 Moline, IL Don Leo Jonathan W
03/31 Toledo, OH Don Leo Jonathan W (2-1)
04/02 Louisville, KY Baron Leone W
04/04 Albuquerque, NM Miguel Lopez D
04/05 Denver, CO Pat O'Connor D (60min)
04/07 Tucson, AZ Danny Plechas NC
04/11 Phoenix, AZ Lou Plummer W (DQ)
04/13 Los Angeles, CA Bobo Brazil W (2-1)
04/15 Houston, TX Mike Lane W
04/19 Cleveland, OH Dick Hutton NC
04/20 Boston, MA Pat O'Connor D
04/22 St. Louis, MO Wilbur Snyder W (2-1)
04/23 Canton, OH Buddy Rogers NC
04/26 Edmonton, AB, CAN George Gordienko D (90min)
04/27 Saskatoon, SK, CAN Fritz Von Erich W (DQ)
04/28 Regina, SK, CAN George Gordienko NC
04/29 Calgary, AB, CAN Lou Sjoberg W
04/30 St. Paul, MN Hard Boiled Haggerty W (27:49 DQ)
05/03 Minneapolis, MN Fred Atkins W (22:25)
05/04 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Paul Baillargeon W
05/09 Memphis, TN "The Mask" (Karl Davis) W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
05/10 Dallas, TX Mike Lane W (2-1)
05/11 Lubbock, TX Roy Shire W (DQ)
05/12 Odessa, TX Dory Funk W
05/ ??? George Gordienko D (90min)
05/31 San Francisco, CA Rocky Brown W
06/01 San Jose, CA Enrique Torres W
06/02 Stockton, CA Jesus Ortega W
06/03 Oakland, CA Ben Sharpe W
06/04 Fresno, CA Lord Blears W
06/06 Boise, ID Lord Blears W
06/07 Salem, OR Ivan Kameroff W
06/08 Portland, OR Luther Lindsay W
06/10 Spokane, WA John Foti W
06/21 Edmonton, AB, CAN George Gordienko W
06/22 Saskatoon, SK, CAN Tim Geohagen W
06/23 Regina, SK, CAN Fritz Von Erich W
06/24 Calgary, AB, CAN Adrien Baillargeon W
06/25 Seattle, WA Sky Hi Lee W (DQ)
07/04 Memphis, TN Bobby Managoff D
07/05 Nashville, TN "Kubla Khan" W
07/06 Evansville, IN Bobby Managoff D
07/08 Atlanta, GA Jerry Graham W
07/11 Birmingham, AL Bill Longson W
07/12 Louisville, KY Dick Hutton D
07/15 St. Louis, MO Leo Nomellini W
07/18 Boston, MA ???
07/ Chicago, IL Hans Schmidt W
07/21 Chicago, IL Don Leo Jonathan W
07/25 Hollywood, CA Ray Stern W (2-1)
08/01 Ithaca, NY Pat O'Connor D
08/02 Watertown, NY Yukon Eric W
08/04 Albany, NY Hans Schmidt W
08/10 Pittsburgh, PA Dick Hutton W
08/11 Albany Hans Schmidt W
08/12 Cincinnati, OH Dick Hutton D
08/16 San Diego, CA Johnny Valentine D
08/18 New York, NY Pat O'Connor D
08/19 Chicago, IL Ruffy Silverstein W
08/26 Houston, TX Pepper Gomez W (2-1; DQ in 3rd)
08/28 Chicago, IL Don Leo Jonathan W
08/29 Ft. Worth, TX Wilbur Snyder W (DQ)
08/30 Dallas, TX Ray Gunkel W (2-1)
08/31 San Antonio, TX Pepper Gomez D (1-1 90min)
09/01 Odessa, TX Dory Funk D
09/05 Phoenix, AZ Wilbur Snyder D
09/08 Tucson, AZ Lu Kim D
09/09 Houston, TX Pepper Gomez D (1-1 90min)
09/19 Salt Lake City, UT Bill Melby D (1-1)
09/20 San Francisco, CA Enrique Torres D
09/21 San Jose, CA Sandor Kovacs W
09/22 Stockton, CA Cyclone Anaya D
09/23 Oakland, CA Gene Kiniski W (DQ)
09/25 Honolulu, HI Ben Sharpe W
09/ Seattle, WA Sky Hi Lee W
10/04 San Francisco, CA Lord Blears W (DQ)
10/05 San Jose, CA Cyclone Anaya NC
10/06 Stockton, CA Ron Etchison W
10/07 Santa Rosa, CA Gene Kiniski W (DQ)
10/08 Fresno, CA Ron Etchison W
10/12 Los Angeles, CA Johnny Valentine W (2-1)
10/15 Chicago, IL Mickey Gold W
10/16 Pittsburgh, PA Dick Hutton W
10/18 New York, NY Pat O'Connor D (1-1 curfew)
10/19 Detroit, MI Antonino Rocca D
10/25 Omaha, NE Kinji Shibuya W
10/26 Evansville, IN Chris Tolos W (DQ)
10/28 Chicago, IL Don Leo Jonathan W (2-0)
10/29 Milwaukee, WI Hans Schmidt W
11/01 Baltimore, MD Bill Miller W (DQ)
11/02 Lancaster, PA Don Arnold W
11/03 Columbus, OH Bobo Brazil W
11/04 Cincinnati, OH Pat O'Connor D
11/05 Elizabeth, NJ Buddy Rogers D
11/09 Los Angeles, CA Johnny Valentine W (2-1)
11/14 New York, NY Hans Schmidt(no show, canceled)
11/15 Syracuse, NY Yukon Eric W
11/16 Montreal, QC, CAN Pat O'Connor W (DQ)
11/18 Chicago, IL The Sheik W (2-0)
11/19 Milwaukee, WI Reggie Lisowski W
11/21 Wichita, KS Ray Villmer W
11/23 Des Moines, IA Hans Schmidt W
11/24 St. Joseph, MO Johnny Kostas W (2-1 UTC)
11/25 St. Louis, MO Ike Eakins W
11/29 Syracuse, NY Hans Schmidt W (2-0 DQ)
11/30 Saratoga Springs, NY Fred Atkins W (2-0 DQ)
12/01 Columbus, OH Buddy Rogers W
12/03 St. Paul, MN Kinji Shibuya W (20:23)
12/05 Hollywood, CA Johnny Valentine D (1-1 60min)
12/06 San Diego, CA Tom Rice W
12/15 Abilene, TX Bob Geigel W (2-1; COR in 3rd)
12/16 Houston, TX Pepper Gomez W (2-1)
12/19 Ft. Worth, TX Duke Keomuka W
12/20 Dallas, TX Luther Lindsay D (1-1)
12/21 San Antonio, TX Stu Gibson W (DQ)
12/30 St. Louis, MO Buddy Rogers W (DQ)

>> 1956

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