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Last updated on 2017/10/16

The Records of
NWA World Heavyweight Championship Matches

NOTE: This list may include non-title matches which are to be removed as soon as they are confirmed.

1947 <<

Sonny Myers
01/05 Des Moines, IA Orville Brown L
Orville Brown [2]
01/14 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Bronko Nagurski W (DQ)
01/21 Great Falls, MT Lew Laird W (2-1)
03/01 Des Moines, IA Marshall Estep D (1-1 60min)
03/17 Winnipeg, MB, CAN Bronko Nagurski W
03/28 Calgary, AB, CAN Earl McCready W
03/30 Edmonton, AB, CAN Laverne Baxter W
04/05 Des Moines, IA Marshall Estep W
04/18 Waterloo, IA Joe Dusek W
05/19 Great Falls, MT Rube Wright W (2-1)
05/26 Great Falls, MT Jim Wright W (2-1)
06/11 Chillicothe, MO Ray Villmer
06/14 Wichita, KS Al Mills D
06/21 Wichita, KS Emil Dusek W (2-0)
06/30 Wichita, KS Lew Newman W
07/04 Oelwein, IA Ken Fenelon
07/05 Des Moines, IA Otto Kuss W (2-1; forfeit in 3rd)
Pinkie George founds the National Wrestling Alliance in 48/07 in Waterloo, IA with 5 other promoters and recognizes Brown as the world heavyweight champion.
07/18 Waterloo, IA Joe Dusek
08/01 Waterloo, IA Otto Kuss
08/23 Charleston, WV Lucky Simunovich  
08/25 Columbus, OH Ruffy Silverstein W
09/13 Des Moines, IA Barney Bernard W (2-0)
09/17 St. Louis, MO Otto Kuss W
09/22 Columbus, OH Simunovich W
09/27 Des Moines, IA Otto Kuss W (2-1)
09/29 Ottawa, ON, CAN Yvon Robert NC
09/30 Kansas City, KS Otto Kuss W
10/01 St. Louis, MO Don Eagle W
10/11 Wichita, KS Don Eagle W
10/12 Montreal, QC, CAN Chief Don Eagle W (DQ)
10/13 Cleveland, OH Bobby Bruns W
10/14? Toronto, ON, CAN Fred Atkins W (DQ)
10/15 Columbus, OH Ivan Rasputin W
10/20 Great Falls, MT Albert Mills W (2-1)
10/21 Salt Lake City, UT Jerry Meeker W (2-0)
10/22 Ogden, UT Pentalone Manlapig  
10/27 Great Falls, MT Frank Marconi D (1-1)
10/29 St. Louis, MO Frankie Talabar W
11/01 Hollywood, CA Buddy Rogers W
11/04 Kansas City, MO Don Eagle D
11/08 Hollywood, CA Buddy Rogers D
11/16 Cleveland, OH Ali Baba W
11/18 Columbus, OH Don Evans W
11/22 Des Moines, IA Ali Baba W
11/25 Kansas City, MO Don Eagle W
11/29 Detroit, MI Wladek Kowalski W
12/10 St. Louis, MO Don Eagle W
12/14 Minneapolis, MN Len Hall D
12/17 St. Joseph, MO Buddy Rogers  
12/20 Wichita, KS Buddy Rogers W (2-1 DQ)
12/21 Cleveland, OH Ed Meske W
12/22 St. Louis, MO Ali Baba W
12/27 Wichita, KS Ron Etchison W

>> 1949