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Last updated on 2017/11/27

NWA United States Women's Title

* Also defended on non-NWA cards.

Barbara Baker 1957/07/26<
Recognized in Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and probably other states; still champion in Ogden, UT as of 57/12/03.

Judy Glover 1961/09/24<
Wins "an elimination tournament held the past few months" (The Honolulu Advertiser, 61/09/29).
Kathy Starr 1961/10/04 Honolulu, HI
Still/again recgonized as champion in Honolulu, HI as of 65/07/18; billed as American champion in San Bernardino, CA on 66/04/16; still/again champion in Honolulu, HI as of 66/09/21 and 67/08/10.

Cora Combs 1966/05
Southern champion, starts claiming the United States title in Northern California from 66/05, billed as having defeated Penner Banner for the title in St. Louis, MO; also recognized in Alabama, Kentucky, and Tennessee; still/again champion as of 75/02/27 and 77/03.

Mae Young 1968/07/03<
Billed as champion in the Gulf Coast territory.

Betty Niccoli 1970/08<
Billed as champion in midwest and West Texas.
Jean Antone 1973/10/14 Green Bay, WI
Betty Niccoli [2] 1974/11/01<
Still/again recognized in Central States as of 76/01.

Ann Casey 1974 Liberty Hill, SC *
Claims to have defeated Fabulous Moolah for the title; some reports have Casey defeating Toni Rose for the title in 74/12; billed as champion in Boston, MA as of 75/02/27; recognized in the Mid-America and Gulf Coast territories throughout the 70s; retires as the champion in 92.

Sandy Parker 1976/11/25<
Recognized in Northern California.
Joyce Grable 1978/12  
Recognized in Amarillo, TX; also billed as champion in Northern California as of 81/05/08.
Judy Martin 1981/11/26 St. Paul, MN
Wendi Richter 1983/03/22 Tampa, FL

Princess Little Heart 1980/10/05<
Recognized in Mobile, AL.
Judy Martin 1980/11/22 Atlanta, GA

Misty Blue Simms 1986/09/10<