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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2013/01/29

NWA Southern Television Title

Frank Hewitt 1957/10<
Jesse James 1958/11/25<
Recognized in Tennessee; still/again champion as of 60/09/24.

Sputnik Monroe 1964/03/28 Atlanta, GA
Defeats Chief Little Eagle in tournament final.

Ricky Murdock 1999/12 
Defeats Cassidy O'Reily on 99/06/19 in Grenada, MS to win NWA Mississippi Title; renamed NWA Southern Title in 99/12.
Tim White1999/12/30Dyersburg, TN
Ricky Murdock [2]2000/01/29Tiptonville, TN
David Young2000/02/20Jackson, MS
J. D. McKay2000/11/25Cleveland, MS
Brother Love2001/06/16Cleveland, MS
Monty Warbucks2002/06/15Magee, MS
Sirus Levay2002/09/14Magee, MS
John Saxon2002/12/21Magee, MS
Sirus Levay [2]2003/03/29Magee, MS
John Saxon [2]2003/05/03Yazoo City, MS
Stripped on 03/06/21.
Minotaur2003/06/21Magee, MS
Awarded title as number one contender.
A.C. Brown2003/10/11Magee, MS
Brother Love2003/12/27
Awarded the title after Brown is stripped.
Minotaur # 2004/03/20Magee, MS
Awarded the title by Love; declared vacant on 04/04/03 when announce is made that Brother Love has forfeited the title by awarding it to Minotaur.
John Saxon2004/04/03Magee, MS
Wins vacant title in battle royal.
Tan the Man2004/05/01Magee, MS
Calvin Rose2004/07/17Jackson, MS
Jesse Daltion2004/09/11Jackson, MS
Mike Carter2005/04/02Magee, MS
Faroh of Phunk2005/05/28Magee, MS
Psycho2006/07/17Magee, MS
Justin Matthews2007/06/02Magee, MS
Ron Horn 2008/02/15<
Lightning Monroe 2008/06/21<
Phil the Drill 2008/09/20<
Damien Storm 2010/12/05<  
Nick Mason Experience 2011/02/19<
Faroh of Phunk [2] 2011/03/11 Magee, MS
Chris Black 2011/04/16 Magee, MS
Frankie Williamson 2011/04/25<  
Professor 2011/04/30 Magee, MS
Stripped on 11/05/21 after Professor has been attacked on 11/05/14.
Jason 2011/05/21 Magee, MS
Wins a battle royal.
Jeremy Awesome 2011/06/18 Magee, MS
Damien Storm [2] 2011/09/17 Magee, MS
Fuse 2011/11/12 Magee, MS
Defeats Jeremy Awesome.
Nick Wonder 2011/12/11<  
Charles West 2012/01/17<  
Frankie Williamson [2] 2012/03/18<  
Eric Black 2012/04/22<  
Cale Connors 2012/05/27 Magee, MS
Paul Riot 2012/07/07 Magee, MS
Dr. Feelgood 2012/08/25<  
Tommy Tomorrow 2012/09/08 Magee, MS
Recognition withdrawn by NWA when Battlezone Wrestling leaves NWA in 12/09.
Johnny Knieval (Vince Brent) 2012/09/26  
Reigning PWF Television champion, recognized as NWA Southern champion when PWF is merged with NWA Smoky Mountain; also becomes the final PWF Heavyweight champion, defeating Josh Crawford in a double title match on 12/11/24 in Rogersville, TN; starts wrestling under his real name after 13/01.
Zac Vincent 2013/04/06 Elizabethtown, TN
Jeff Connelly 2013/04/26 Kingsport, TN
Alyx Winters 2013/06/14 Elizabethtown, TN
Jeff Connelly [2] 2013/08/10 Kingsport, TN
Sigmon 2013/09/14 Kingsport, TN
Jeff Connelly [3] 2013/10/12 Hampton, TN
Renamed NWA Smoky Mountain Title in 14/02.

* See NWA Smoky Mountain Television Title.