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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2011/11/11

NWA Southern Brass Knuckles Title

Bearcat Brown 1978/05/05<
Billed as champion in Knoxville, TN.

Max Pain2000/10/07Greenville, MS
Wins a hardcore Battle Royal to win Mississippi Hardcore Title; pins Bob Serio during the battle royal for the Southern Taped Fist Title; unifies both titles to be recognized as Southern Brass Knuckles champion.
Bob Serio 2001/01/20Greenville, MS
Stripped on 01/06/08 for no-show.
Mr. Nasty 2001/06/08
David Bariola2001/06/08Greenville, MS
Max Pain [2]2002/08/24Greenville, MS
Stripped for non-defenses.
Cody Mantell2003/04/05Greenville, MS
Vacant in 03/04 when Mantell leaves the promotion.
Calvin Rose2003/04/12Magee, MS
Defeats Monty Warbucks.
Black Jack Tatum2003/05/03Greenville, MS
Vicious Vinny 2003/11/15 Greenville, MS
Defeats Tatum and Krazy Dee in 3-way match.
Havoc Vicious 2006/04/01 Greenville, MS