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ATTENTION: You may copy information from this site as long as you will give credits to this site and these people.
Pro Wrestling, LLC (W. Virginia/Ohio) Richard Arpin, President
Sports Entertainment Group (New Jersey/New York) Fred Rubenstein, Vice President
Extreme Canadian Championship Wrestling (Vancouver) Dave Teixeira, secretary
Hammerlock Wrestling (U.K.) Andre Baker, director
Show Business (Georgia/Nashville) Bill Behrens, director
Canadian Wrestling Federation (Winnipeg) Ernie Todd, director
NWA Southwest (Texas) Ken Taylor, director
Robert K. Trobich Attorney at Law (Charlotte, NC) Robert K. Trobich, legal counsel
Midwest Wrestling (Midwest) Ed Chuman
Buddy Sokolick
California Pro Wrestling (Los Angeles) Dan Denton
NWA Rocky Mountain (Rocky Mountains) Mike Esposito
NWA Hawaii (Hawaii) David Heart
Zero-One (Japan) Antonio Inoki
NWA Mid-South (Dyersburg) Alvin Minnick
Century Wrestling Alliance (New England) Ellen Magliaro
NWA Bluegrass (Kentucky) Kenny McCoy
NWA Mississippi (Mississippi) Dan McClain
Wes Jenkins
Don Brodie
Hometown Sports (Pittsburgh) Jim Miller
Richmond Championship Wrestling (Virginia) Rick O'Brien
Carlina O'Brien
NWA Main Event (Nashville) Mike Porter
Mid-Atlantic Championship Wrestling (Carolinas) David Baucom
NWA Florida (Florida) Joe Price