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ATTENTION: You may copy information from this site as long as you will give credits to this site and these people.

* This list was obtained from a letter to Jack Pfefer from Bobby Bruns and not an official record by the NWA; it may be incomplete/inaccurate.

Sam Muchnick, President
Pat O'Connor
(St. Louis)
Paul Jones
Ray Gunkel
Fred Ward (Macon)
Jim Crockett
George Becker
George Simpson
Gus Karras
Bob Geigel
(Kansas City)
Dory Funk (Amarillo)
Roy Welch (Memphis)
Eddie Graham (Tampa)
Harry Elliott (Seattle)
Bobby Bruns (Buffalo)
Jack Adkisson (Dallas)
Mike London (New Mexico)
LeRoy McGuirk
Bob Clay
Salvador Lutteroth (Mexico)
Kokichi Endo (Japan)

The following promoters were also in attendance:

Pinkie George (Des Moines)
Vincent J. McMahon
Toots Mondt
Willie Gilzenburg
(New York)
Jules Strongbow
Hardy Kruscamp
Anton Leone
(Los Angeles)
(San Diego)
Wally Karbo (Minneapolis)
Al Lovelock (Texas)
The Great Togo (IWE?)