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NWA Convention
1955/09/02 - 04
St. Louis, MO

Official Members:
* = date admitted as a new member

Sam Muchnick (St. Louis) President
Frank Tunney (Toronto) 1st Vice President  
LeRoy McGuirk
Sam Avey
(Tulsa) 2nd Vice President
Salvador Lutteroth (Mexico) 3rd Vice President
Pinkie George (Des Moines)
Orville Brown (Kansas City)
Max Clayton (Omaha)
Dennis Stecher (Minneapolis)
Fred Kohler (Chicago)
Harry Light (Detroit)
Al Haft (Columbus, OH)
Morris Sigel (Houston)
Paul Bowser (Boston)
Paul Jones (Atlanta)
Hugh Nichols (Hollywood)
Joe Malcewicz (San Francisco)
Eddie Quinn (Montreal)
Roy Welch (Dyersburg, TN)
Billy Wolfe (Wheatland, MO) agent for women's wrestlers
Dave Reynolds (Utah)
Clarence P. Luttrell (Tampa)
Joe Gunther (Alabama)
Mike London (Colorado)
Joseph "Toots" Mondt
Rudy Dusek
(New York)
Karl Sarpolis
Sam Menacker
(El Paso)
* 55/09
Tex Hager (Boise)
Don Owen (Eugene, OR)
Jim Crockett
Bill Lewis
Cliff Maupin (Toledo)
Al Karasick (Honolulu)
Stu Hart (Calgary)
Rod Fenton (Phoenix)
Cal Eaton (Los Angeles)
Pedro Martinez (Buffalo) * 55/09
Billy Watson (Seattle) * 55/09