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Pre-1990s information last updated on 2016/08/11

Bahamas Heavyweight Title
NWA Championship Wrestling from Florida ( 1982 - 1987 )
Ring Warriors ( 2012/05 - 2014/11 )

Sweet Brown Sugar 1982  
Jim Garvin 1982/12<  
Rufus R. Jones 1982/12/07 Tampa, FL, USA
Angelo Mosca 1983/04  
Dusty Rhodes 1983/07< Nassau
Vacant in 85<; title inactive; tournament takes place on 85/02/23 in Nassau (winner uknown).
Buddy Rose 1985/10/12? Nassau?
Defeats Pez Whatley, who may have won the tournament on 85/02/23.
Tyree Pride 1985/10/18 Nassau
Jerry Grey 1986/02/06 Tampa, FL, USA
Tyree Pride [2]1986/03/15Nassau
Ron Bass1986/05/31Nassau
Lex Luger1986/06/13Nassau
Tyree Pride [3]1986/07/05Nassau
Pins Ron Bass to win title after Luger decides he no longer wants the belt and that the winner of the fall in a tag match, with Pride & Luger in one team, will get the title.
Chris Champion1986/08/03Orlando, FL, USA
The Falcon1986/09/28Orlando, FL, USA
Bad News Allen1986/12/16Orlando, FL, USA
Title retired in 87.

Chance Prophet 2012/05/30 Nassau
Defeats the Giant Titan to be recognized by NWA Ring Warriors.
Alex Chamberlain 2013/09/29 Pompano Beach, FL, USA
Title retired on 14/11/26.