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World Extreme Cagefighting
Welterweight Title
[170lb/77kg limit]

Nick Diaz2003/03/27Lemoore, CA
Defeats Joe Hurley to become the first champion; vacant in 03.
Shonie Carter2003/10/17Lemoore, CA
Defeats J.T. Taylor.
Karo Parisyan2004/05/21Lemoore, CA
Vacates the title to fight for the UFC.
Mike Pyle2005/10/14Lemoore, CA
Defeats Bret Bergmark; vacant when WEC is acquired by Zuffa.
Carlos Condit2007/03/24Las Vegas, NV
Defeats John Alessio; the WEC weight division is abandoned and merged into UFC on 09/02/03.

* See also UFC Welterweight Title.