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Ultimate Fighting Championship
World Welterweight Title
[170lb/77kg limit]
(as of 2017/07/29)

* Lightweight Title until 2001/05.

Pat Miletich1998/10/16São Paulo, BRA
Defeats Mikey Burnett to become the UFC Lightweight champion.
Carlos Newton2001/05/04Atlantic City, NJ
Becomes the World Welterweight Title according to the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts established in 00.
Matt Hughes2001/11/02Las Vegas, NV
B.J. Penn2004/01/31Las Vegas, NV
Stripped on 04/05/17 after signing with K-1.
Matt Hughes [2]2004/10/22Atlantic City, NJ
Defeats Georges St. Pierre.
Georges St. Pierre2006/11/18Sacramento, CA
Matt Serra2007/04/07Houston, TX
Suffers a herniated disc in his lower back; Georges St. Pierre defeats Matt Hughes on 07/12/29 in Las Vegas, NV for interim title.
Georges St. Pierre [2] 2008/04/19 Montreal, QC, CAN
Defeats Serra to become the undisputed champion; Carlos Condit defeats Nick Diaz on 12/02/04 in Las Vegas, NV for interim title; St. Pierre defeats Condit on 12/11/17 in Montreal, QC to become the undisputed champion; vacates the title on 13/12/13 for taking time off from the competition.
Johny Hendricks 2014/03/15 Dallas, TX
Defeats Robbie Lawler.
Robbie Lawler 2014/12/06 Las Vegas, NV
Tyron Woodley 2016/07/30 Atlanta, GA